5 Essential Tools for a Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

To start a new restaurant, you first need to set up the kitchen. The restaurant’s kitchen is the focal point of the business. A commercialized kitchen requires the first-class kitchen equipment that will bear the busy routine of the restaurant. Keen forecasting and study are key features to maximize the proficiency and functionality of your Commercial Kitchen.

Here, we are going to present you the 5 Essential Commercial Kitchen equipment for your restaurant.

1.    Stainless Steel Sinks

•    Most vital kitchen Equipment.

•    Triple sink was station is necessary.

•    With the sink, a commercial dish washing unit is also required.

2.    Commercial Cooking Equipment

Oven and Ranges:

•    Ranges with outfitted ovens are preferred.

•    If your restaurant has interest in baked items, then convection oven is a priority.

Deep fryers and Accessories:

•    Commercial fryers are used in every kind of restaurant.

•    It is considered as the important kitchen equipment for any restaurant.

•    They have wide range of accessories includes counter top models, filtration systems and handling station.

Commercial Microwave Ovens:

•    It is used to reheat the food.

•    More powerful and able to control the daily pressure of your restaurant kitchen.

3.    Commercial Refrigeration:

Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers:

•    These refrigerators easily stores all your fresh goods.

•    Reach-in freezers stores all the frozen food.

•    These commercial refrigerators are made for easy access to take food and restock all supplies.

Food Prep Tables:

•    None of the restaurant is complete without having a prep table.

•    The prep tables include sandwich, salad and pizza prep tables.

•    These are of great use and hence a necessary kitchen equipment.

4.    Commercial Ice Makers:

•    The one and most important piece of kitchen equipment you should have is Ice Makers.

•    Ice is needed for food preparation, food storage and serving beverages.

•    In hot summer weather, you cannot beat the heat without having an ice maker in your restaurant.

5.    Food Processors:

Four types of food processors are necessary for your restaurant’s kitchen.

Batch Bowl Processors:

•    This is made up of plastic but the variety is also available in stainless steel.

•    It collects the food as soon as it is processed.

Continuous Feed Food Processors:

•    It allows the person to continuously add food to the unit.

•    The processor distributes the food into a dispersed containers as it operates.

•    It minimizes the preparation time even when making food in large amount.

Buffalo Chopper Processors:

•    This processor is multi-functional and tough.

•    This processor helps to chop the food from small vegetables to even large amount of meat into small pieces.

Combination Processors:

•    It has mix properties of batch bowl and continuous feed food processors.

•    It can also collect the chopped food in an extra or side container.

These are the Essentials Kitchen tools you need to start your own restaurant business. Good luck!

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