Getting a Job in Singapore

Getting a Job in Singapore

After graduating with your diploma, degree, or doctorate, there are several job opportunities you can find in Singapore. Apart from Singapore being a global center for trade, it also enjoys robust international relations with many countries. It also gives new graduates a ton of chances to advance their careers. Furthermore, with a strong pro-business and stable political environment, there is no better place to advance your career than Singapore.

What’s the Graduate Market Like in Singapore?

Other than its unique position, which makes it a tourist attraction, Singapore depends primarily on exports to maintain its economy. It is located along the essential shipping route in Southeast Asia and deep-water ports surround it. Singapore is considered the center of trade and logistics.

Studies show that the unemployment rate is low and job prospects are favorable. In Singapore, electronics take up a significant portion of the industry, employing over 80,000 graduates with electrical engineering, ICT, mechanical engineering, science, and technology backgrounds.

Singapore is also huge in the financial sector, which has increased the demand for graduates with finance, accounting, and business management qualifications. The telecommunication, petrochemical, and construction industries are also taking shape, giving bright prospects opportunities to media, communication, civil engineering, and biochemical engineering positions.

How to Find a Job in Singapore

To find yourself a job, you can consult newspapers or visit career fairs, websites, and job boards. Moreover, you can also take a look at the Singapore Business Directory, Business Times, or the Singapore Yellow Pages.

This will give you a clue about various organizations that may require your skills. Checking the Career and Education website for information concerning different career events can be a smart way to find a job.

Reading state affairs in Singapore through the Online Citizen, Bloomberg Singapore, and the Singapore Economic Development Board can give you insights on how the industry looks. can also help you with getting your work visa and other necessary documents.

Some of the significant benefits of working in Singapore include:

Lucrative Salaries

With a thriving economy, Singapore companies are always willing to offer top wages and lucrative packages to get the best skills available. According to statistics, software engineers earn up to $72,000 annually and an elementary teacher can earn around $34,000 annually.

A Progressive Personal Tax System

Filing your tax returns in Singapore is easy and straightforward. If you happen to obtain a residence permit, your tax will range from 0 percent if you earn less than $22,000 per year to 20 percent if you earn above $320,000 annually.

Non-residents are expected to pay a flat rate of 15 percent of all earnings gained in Singapore. All other profits acquired overseas and brought to Singapore are not subjected to any taxes.

You Can Easily Adapt

The language barrier is minimized since English is the primary working language. Moreover, 42 percent of the population in Singapore are foreigners and there are several restaurants which serve quality food from different parts of the world. Experts cite that Singapore is well-diversified and treats its visitors with a lot of care and respect.

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