Starting a Business and Being a Stay at Home Mommy


This article is all about women empowerment. How a mother sitting at home can earn money? And can be successful with limited time and resources. For a luxurious life every member of the family needs to earn. Moreover it also adds up in the self esteem of the women. Mothers can work at flexible timings to earn money and they don’t need to go out for that. So the children also don’t get ignored.

Some tips to do business from home for a mother are mentioned below:

Making her mind to start up a business:

She needs to know her own capabilities and skills which she can use to earn. Her interests will lead her for the choice of a suitable business. If she has a hobby she can turn it into a business. Like if she can paint pots she can sell them, if she can bake cakes she can start up a business of that. Example: If a woman is good in aesthetics she can start up with the business of dress designing or interior decoration.

Doing Research Time by Time:

Women can get started with the business by observing the needs of the market she needs to target. She then needs to do this research casually on a regular basis to get to know about the changing trends. For Example A woman needs to start up with online boutique business, so she will have to ask friends and social groups about their needs and demand regard clothing. Basically the preference of the customers is most important.

Look for the gaps in the Market:

Your business would be most successful when you serve an existing want and need which isn’t already being met in the market. This may need some creative thinking. The willingness to do so makes you more successful.

Use the resources you already have:

First of all use the resources you have at your home and secondly buy the resources if they are really important. This will help the mothers to easily manage their limited budget and time. For example if you have a car at home, you can use it as a resource to buy material for your business.

Get customers to pay you upfront:

It is better that the customers pay you upfront, if not then half upfront and half later so your costs are always covered.

Make the most of free technology to promote the business:

The best way for the women to promote their business is by using social media. They can make a page and share texts on social groups to expand their business more and more.

“God doesn’t give us our dreams without the ability to make them happen”

Doreen Virtue

If you have a dream for the business, then you also have all the seeds to make it happen. Does that mean it will be easy? No. You may have to work harder. But get started with the limited time and resources you have and be successful.

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