What’s a Dependable Job in the Medical Field with a Good Salary?

Medical Field

While it’s common for women to think about a nursing role in the medical field, not everyone is brilliant at remembering all the necessary information to do with illnesses, symptoms and other aspects connected to this kind of job. However, the good news is that there is another job that comes with a decent salary and an important degree of responsibility too.

What is a Surgical Technologist?

A Surgical Technologist is a medical professional that works in operation rooms. They prepare the theater for the upcoming operation, ensuring it is hygienic and sanitary to protect patients from possible infections. The sterility of the equipment needed during the operation also comes under their purview.

For patients undergoing an operation, the location of the incision will need to be cleaned, shaved of any body hair, and disinfected. This ensures that no surface bacteria remain, which could find its way inside the incision, possibly causing a bad infection after being sewn up with sutures.

Is a Surgical Technologist Active During an Operation?

Yes. At the beginning of the operation, they provide appropriate drapes to cover the areas of the patient that are not being operated on. They adjust them or replace them as needed.

During the operation, they also look at the EKG monitor to constantly review the vital signs of the patient to look for deviations indicating a medical problem. They also handle any charts needed by the doctor or nurses during the procedure too. Sometimes, they’ll also be called upon to close an incision made during the operation too.

Do They Have Any Other Duties?

Along with providing medical instruments, they source medication and supplies, and special equipment necessary for operations. This way, everything is ready for the doctors and nurses when they enter the operating theater. They will also provide training to nurses and technicians new to their positions who need to understand what a Surgical Technician does and how they work together harmoniously.

What Does the Job Pay?

The remuneration for a full-time position is in the $40,000-$45,000 range. The salary does depend on qualifications and previous experience. It is always possible that someone who’s qualified for this role can study to be a registered nurse later if you plan to stay in the healthcare industry.

There are a few surgical tech programs in Chicago which provide training for a suitable medical qualification to work in the operating theater. The job is very rewarding because you get to deal with patients who need medical care to for a health issue that requires an operation to hopefully resolve it satisfactorily. Therefore, while the hours can be long, there are personally rewarding days when you feel that you had a hand in helping save someone’s life or improving their health outcome for the years to come.


Studying to work in a Surgical Tech position is something that is certainly meaningful. It’s not a role that requires working a standard 9-5 job from a cubicle. You’re on the front lines of medical care and you know that your contribution to the care of each patient is partly down to what you do and don’t do on the job.

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