10 Awesome Entertainment Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Pop


Are you looking for ways to spice up your special day? Did you already make the proposal to your special one with a custom wedding ring? Do you want your guests to remember your wedding for many years to come? We’ll share some fabulous entertainment Ideas that even the most boring guest will enjoy. Feel free to get creative and make these ideas crazier. The sky is the limit here.

1. A Celebrity Wall

The majority of events include such walls and it’s a favorite spot for that ‘red carpet-like’ and Instagram shots. Imagine that you and your partner are a famous celebrity couple and create your own event wall. Place it in a front entrance so that your guests could take selfies once they arrive. Don’t overdo it, though. Don’t post a huge picture of you and your partner. Just a few small photos, wedding ring pictures, and your names will be enough to make your celebrity wall modestly beautiful.

2. Green Screen Photo Booth

There are many reasons to install a photo booth at any event. When it comes to your wedding, you can take it one step further and install a green screen photo booth. It uses a smart technology that will allow your guests to take fantastic pictures in front of any digital graphics or image. In case, you’re on a budget, you can make your own photo booth. Discover more why a photo booth is a win-win solution for your big day.

3. Elvis Impersonator

If you’re going to have a Vegas-themed wedding, hiring an Elvis impersonator is an excellent entertainment idea. Adventurous couples who don’t like the classic wedding party always astonish their guests with a professional Elvis tribute artist. If you have someone who dances well and can become Elvis, why not ask them to be your officiate the ceremony or your ceremony entertainment? You’ll save heaps of cash while still having tons of fun.

4. Strolling Tables

Sounds fun, right? Often, guests pay more attention to the catering menu rather than the catering staff. If you want to change this situation and wow your guests at the same time, consider strolling tables – also known as living tables. One strolling table is usually a professional performer or a living statue artist who wears event-themed costumes created with various flat surfaces to surround the body. Not only will this artist provide your guests with hors-d’oeuvres and cocktails, but will also entertain them with fun selfies.

5. Singing Waiters

If you have trouble finding or paying for strolling tables, consider singing waiters. These are just waiters who have amazing voices to entertain your guests while treating them to desserts and champagne. Unlike living tables, singing waiters don’t charge a lot, but they’re able to create the most magical atmosphere for everyone attending your event.

6. Magician

Who doesn’t like the mystery of magic? Unless your wedding is highly religious, why not hire a magician who will entertain guests regardless of age. Having a magician is a great ice-breaker and a fun way to relax. There are multiple magicians, for instance, Duncan the Magician, who perform magic for various weddings. If you have a big wedding where kids are entertained in a separate area, consider hiring a kid-friendly magician and the one for adults. Depending on how popular a magician is, they usually don’t charge a lot. Some couples hire magicians in order to keep their guests entertained for an hour or two while they’re busy with a professional photo shoot.

7. Crazy Wedding Parade


Although this entertainment idea isn’t for every type of wedding, some bold couples might like it. The crazy parade might be anything – from your guests’ favorite movie heroes to the high-energy brass instruments or the classic booming snare drums. Let your guests know about the theme of your wedding so that they could dress accordingly. Also, give everyone confetti to toss you and your partner’s way to make the event brighter. When coming up with your crazy wedding parade though, ensure you don’t humiliate anyone. Consider all the pros and cons first.

8. Ice Cream Van

Ice Cream Van

Planning on having a wedding in summer? Don’t forget about an ice cream van. While it’s not a cheap idea, it will entertain kids and adults alike. Not to mention that it’s a quick and delicious way to cool your guests down on a hot day. If you can afford two ice cream vans, it’s even better. Prepare the first ice-cream van for adults by adding boozy ice creams (Pinterest has lots of ideas) and the second ice cream van with fruit ice cream and cones for children. They’ll remember your special day forever!

9. Expert Cartoonists

Commemorate your wedding on paper by hiring an expert cartoonist. You and your guests will have novel and rare keepsakes, so they will definitely remember your big day. Expert cartoonists are able to capture more than 15 people an hour, so if your guest list is much longer, consider hiring a few cartoonists. If the budget permits, you can gift each guest with a personal portrait that a cartoonist will draw. Or, you can leave this option for your guests – if they want a portrait, they might pay extra cash for it.

10. Scavenger Hunt

A wedding-themed scavenger hunt is a wonderful and almost free way to entertain your guests. Encourage adults and kids to mingle as each of them rushes to find the items mentioned on your festive list. Be sure this list contains the items related to your big day and come up with some nice gifts all Family participants will receive in the end.

Just like your wedding dress matters, entertaining guests is crucial as well. Your entertainment ideas don’t have to be money-draining and you can always find an alternative to expensive ideas. These ten entertaining ideas will help to get your creative juices flowing so that you could come up with your own, unique activities that will make your guest talk about your special day for years to come.

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