The Ultimate Shopping Guide for the Nerdy Mom this Year

Shopping Guide

Nerdy moms everywhere are looking forward to some crazy gifts. Not sure what incredible mother Christmas gifts are best for the most important Shopping Guide for your mom in your life? Well, you may gift your mom earrings or beautiful necklaces as a Christmas Gift. Don’t worry. Check out this incredible list of awesomeness for your mum.

Shopping Guide for the Nerdy Mom this Year

Star Wars Family Decals

We’ve all seen them – little stick people stuck to the back of a minivan. Sometimes it’s a soccer family or a single guy with way too many cats. Well, start your geeky holiday shopping online! Buy your mom Star Wars family decals. You can choose any of her most beloved characters – Darth Vader, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia.

Wonder Woman Kitchen Apron

If your mom loves cooking and loves comic books, then look no farther than a DC Comics Wonder Woman apron. Handy and hilarious, a Wonder Woman apron is a gift ideas that she will love!

The Handbag of Holding

This nifty bag will hold everything from diapers to swords. No, really, it’s great for any LARP-ing momma! She can keep her keys and her Dungeons and Dragons dice safe. Get her one today!

Kindle Paperwhite High Res Wifi E-Reader

Let your mom spends hours upon hours reading up on her favorite Dr. Who or Ray Bradbury novels with this handy Kindle Paperwhite. This e-reader is fun to use and easy to handle, making it both convenient and practical for every geeky mum.

Death Star Disco

Perhaps your mom loves to dance and thinks that she should destroy Alderaan? Well, look no further than the handy dandy Death Star Disco Ball. It’s shiny, it’s beautiful, and it might just ruin the galaxy. What a perfect holiday treat! This is the Christmas present you were looking for!

Planetary Glass and Plate Set

Want to get your mom a gift that is out of this world? Then get her a mug or plate set adorned with the planets. She can have the wonderful universe served to her every meal.

Lord of the Rings Jewelry

From the One Ring to Rule Them ALL to Galadriel’s and Arwen’s beautiful necklaces, buy your mom a beautiful gift that she will cherish for all time. Exquisitely crafted rings and earrings straight from Lothlorien will amaze her this Christmas. And if your mom loves dragon lore, buy her a beautiful dragon ear wrap.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Is your mom a diehard Trekkie? Would she be willing to take her pizzas where no man (or mom) has gone before? Then buy her a Star Trek pizza cutter this Christmas. Pay homage to the Enterprise while noshing on some gnarly pepperonis.

Crazy Socks!

Yes, all moms love socks. Whether they wear them chilling out at home, out on the town, or with sandals. From caped superhero socks to UFO socks and super nerdy Stephen Hawking socks, make your moms cool feet ever hotter with awesome socks!

Hogwarts Swag

Is your mother a Muggle? Then buy her a wide array of Harry Potter swag. From purses adorned with Gryffindor emblems to beautiful jewelry and talking hats. Yes, a talking hat! Fulfill her dreams of wild wizardry this Christmas.

R2D2 Ceramic Teapot with Death Star Tea Infuser

Let your mum start every day with a cup of tea and her favorite Droid. Then make a perfect cup of tea with Darth Vader’s very own death Star Tea Infuser. This Christmas share the gift of awesome nerdyness with your mom!

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