4 Travel Essentials no Family Should be Without

travel essentials

If you’re heading off on your travels with your family, you’ll be feeling a mixture of emotions. Excitement at heading off on your adventures, nerves about travelling with the youngest ones (especially if it’s there first time away from home), worry that no one will have a good time, scared that you’ll get lost, and even confused about what travel advice to follow and which to ignore.

Well, here you’ll find a short summary of travel essentials what you should always take with you when travelling with the family. This isn’t an extensive list, but it’ll give you a few travelling essentials that you might not have even thought of. So, before you hop on that plane – read this first!

Travel Essentials List

Your Insurance

Insurance can be baffling in every scenario. Whether its home, contents, car, or something else – everyone can agree that finding insurance can be hard work and feel like a chore. One thing is certain though, if you’re heading abroad, you’re going to need insurance. But what about Travel Insurance vs Medical Insurance? What’s the difference? Which one will you need? Will you need them at all? Here you’ll find two simple definitions.

  • Travel Insurance = Covers you for all the negatives that can (and will) happen on holiday. Like lost luggage, flight cancellations, trip interruptions or lost items. Can be costly!
  • Travel Medical Insurance = Covers you if you’re leaving your home country and heading overseas. This usually focuses on medical emergencies and emergency dental work too. It’ll also cover medical evacuation costs, if needed and translation assistance in some cases. Surprisingly inexpensive!

So, with this new information in mind. Most travellers would advise to get yourself covered with Travel Medical Insurance. With it being based on your age and what medical issues you have/or don’t have. It’s usually pretty cheap per traveller. And if anything does go wrong – you’re covered! Go on, sort it now!

Wet Wipes

Yes. It might be the accessory of choice for every mum in the country, but wet wipes are a travellers best friend too! They’re perfect wiping your hands of dirt and grime, wiping down unsanitary items before you use them, wiping the sweat from your head and chest, perfect for freshening up with if you don’t have access to a shower, wiping sticky hands and faces, cleaning up messy tops and toilet mishaps – the list goes on! Always make sure you have a pack with you!

Emergency Items

Kids are more susceptible to sickness bugs than we are. So make sure you’re prepared for the worst, especially if you’re out and about. Spare clothes and underwear, hand sanitiser, light snacks and plenty of water. Don’t forget to encourage plenty of naps and fresh air too.

Travel Journals

Encouraging your children to keep a travel journal is a great way to spend those quieter days, and to keep them distracted for a while. Get them drawing and listing things they see as you fly/drive by, collect postcards from various destinations and even collect the materials needed for a scrap book.

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