How to Save Money on House Renovation

House Renovation

First things first, before you launch any house renovation projects, you need to ascertain whether the adjustments you make will add monetary value to your property. Chat to estate agents and property evaluators, who can advise you if your proposed renovations are what buys are typically looking for in a property, and what may potentially devalue your home’s resale appeal. If you are adding square footage by opening up a space or extending a wing, then you’re likely to improve your home’s value, but it’s always wise to do your homework prior to getting started.

5 Ways to Save Money on House Renovation

Planning & Preparation is Everything

Once you’ve decided that your project is definitely the right move for you, you need to set a clear budget and plan. Home renovation is not something that you should wing, and you should leave space on the budget for unexpected expenses too. Get advice from a specialist regarding the products and material you need, as this will help you plan your budget and ensure that you have all the equipment and supplies you need at hand, before you get cracking.

Hire an Architect (& Find the Right Man for the Job)

In order to ensure that all your plans are above board, hiring a qualified and experienced architect is recommended. This could actually save you money in the long haul, as architects tend to have a lot of connections in the building industry, and know all the cost effective ins and outs – and where you can cut back expenditure.

Do Your Research: Shop Around for the Best Prices

Don’t leave it all up to your architect either – do your homework! Don’t just accept the first contractor quote you receive, get a few quotes and be sure to ask as many questions as possible to ensure that the team you hire knows their stuff and is able to follow your plans and work will with your architect.


The Devil is in the Details – Stick to Your Budget

You’d be surprised how quickly things can get away from you if you don’t keep track of every single expense. You may want to hire project manager to oversee all the operations, ensuring that your contractor, architect and subcontractors are all working smoothly together and according to schedule and budget. It is vital that everyone is kept aware of any changes and that schedules are kept, as you don’t want to pay a small fortune on wasted man hours because workers were standing around with tools and no building material, for instance.

Take a Hands on Approach & DIY

With the right tools and a little bit of experience, there is a lot that you can do by yourself, but certain elements are best left to the professionals, such as window installation, plumbing fixtures and electrical fittings. Remember, you should never attempt to tear down any wall without first having a contractor or architect confirm that it is not a supporting wall and that your property will still be structurally sound.

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