The Easiest Way To Always Keep Your Wardrobe Up To Date


Keep wardrobes up to date is important. After all most people make their first impressions about the way you look. Clothes play a very important role here. When you have to attend an important meeting or an event you spend hours finding the right dress. Or maybe you have found everything you need but you can’t find the right socks and you spend lots of precious time searching for them? Now you can buy some of those online just by women sock subscription to dependable online stores, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could save all that time with an easy up to date wardrobe?

A good place to start a clutter-free lifestyle is to begin with your closet. Consider it a room within a room. Decluttering this tiny space will not only builds your confidence, it also sets you on the right path to a freer, lighter, and better life. Keeping your wardrobe up to date will also bring a number of other benefits. The following are two of them:

You Save Time

An up to date wardrobe helps you save a lot of time. You also end up saving money as you get whatever you need in front of you and you don’t have to buy anything in case something gets lost. Trust me, with an updated wardrobe you will never hear yourself say, I have nothing to wear!!”

You Get Confidence

An up-to-date wardrobe allows you to mix and match more successfully. Wearing clothes as you see fit gives you more confidence and you are comfortable with yourself. You look at people differently and interact with them more efficiently if you are assured that whatever you are wearing looks perfect on you. Even having the right socks make you perform much better at sock of the month club.

So without further ado, let’s look at the easiest ways you can keep your wardrobe up to date.

Step 1: Ready Yourself

You are going for a big change, so you need to prepare yourself for it. After all we are talking about the clothes you have loved. Accessories you have spent thousands in buying.

Here are a few key questions you need to ask yourself for effective preparation.

— The first question is…What do you own too much of? Remember there is always excess and most of us only wear 20% of what we have most of the time.

— Have you been holding onto clothes you no longer wear? You may think some clothes will come handy one day or you just can’t decide what to do with them or they may have a nostalgic value to you. Let them go if they are trash.

— Will you enjoy fashion after your wardrobe is updated? Absolutely!

Step 2: Analyse Everything.

Take some time to really focus on what you need to keep and what needs to be disposed off. Bring all old clothes from the loft and dispose any stowed-away clothes from under the bed.

— You also need something to hang your clothes on. This is why it is good to have a collection of hangers ready. Wooden ones hang your clothes well, but you can also get some of the felt-covered ones.

— Prepare some garbage bags. Trust us, you will need them.

— Make sure you have a full length mirror for trying on all clothes.

— Review all your clothes. Consider them as though they are new items that you are to spend money on. Evaluate each garment and ask yourself these questions:

• Does this suit me?

• Does this compliment my shape?

• Does this work with my current lifestyle?

• Is it in good condition?

• A color that suits me?

• Comfortable?

• Am I happy wearing this?

• Have I worn it in the last 12 months?

Step 3: Action!

— Divide and conquer is the best policy. Make a pile for 3 categories:

1. Items to keep

Identify the clothes you want to keep and then return them to the closet. Try arranging by garment type, length or by colour. You can hang trousers to avoid creasing at the knee.
The items that roll should go to the drawers, Use gift boxes to store smaller items.

You can also place attractive hooks on the back of your wardrobe door to hang accessories such as necklaces.

2. ‘Maybe’ items

These clothes are those you are not sure about. But you have to be sure about them in the end. Make this pile to ensure clothes that could be used later on. Could they be cleaned, altered or mended?

3. Items to let go

These are the clothes that need to see the bin. Relinquish what you no longer need. Give them away, sell them, donate them, or even recycle them. Whatever works for you!

That was all for today. Try these tips and tell us how they worked for you. Good luck.

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