How to Organize an Inexpensive Yet Tasteful Funeral

How to Organize an Inexpensive Yet Tasteful Funeral

The average funeral today costs up to $10,000. When older members of our families die, we often find that they have set aside some money, or have an insurance policy to help with costs, and even that they’ve made some of the plans upfront. Unfortunately, however, some deaths are impossible to prepare for. Some people die without warning, far younger than they would have liked. When this happens, the cost of the funeral and the preparations fall to their closest relations.

We’d all like to be able to give our loved ones the perfect send-off, sparing no expense on the details. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. But, finding ways to save money doesn’t have to mean cutting corners. You can have a tasteful, respectful funeral, without getting yourself into debt or causing more upset.

Be Upfront About Your Budget

The best way to stick to a budget is usually to create a budget in the first place. As with any other ceremony or event, we often overspend on funerals simply because we don’t know how much things cost, what options we’ve got, and how much we should be spending on individual elements. Figure out how much you can afford to spend, do your research, and work with your funeral director, being upfront about your budget from the start.

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Choose Cremation

Cremation can be significantly cheaper than burial because you don’t have to worry about a burial plot or gravestone. You could save even more on cremation by providing your own urn, perhaps making something, or using something that was meaningful for the deceased, instead of paying for an urn from the crematorium.

Provide Your Own Flowers

The funeral home might offer to provide flowers. These can be very expensive, and the options might be fairly limited. Instead, provide your own flowers, shopping at local florists, and perhaps avoiding flowers specifically for funerals altogether, instead, opting for a large bouquet.

Hold the Wake at Home

The wake after the ceremony is often one of the most significant costs. Instead of hiring a venue and paying for food, why not hold the wake at home, catering it yourself, or calling in favors? This can be a great way to have a more unique and personal celebration of life, holding a meaningful wake that truly reminds you of the person that you have lost.

Step Away from Tradition

Often, the best way to save money on a funeral, while holding a unique, tasteful, and meaningful ceremony is to move away from tradition. Forgetting what you should do, or what other people have done, instead arranging a funeral for the person that you love. You don’t have to use an urn, you don’t have to have an expensive coffin, you don’t have to buy a burial plot, and you don’t have to hold a wake. Do it your way and it will be the perfect way to say goodbye.

Losing someone is never pleasant, and you might feel like you want to do them proud with the funeral. But, ask yourself if they’d want you to spend too much? Or, if they’d rather a tasteful goodbye on a sensible budget?

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