Common Areas Plumbing Issues May Occur in Your Home

Common Areas Plumbing Issues May Occur in Your Home

Plumbing runs through our homes and into the yards at the back and the front. Everywhere the plumbing passes is a potential area where plumbing issues could occur. However, there are some areas in your home where these problems are much more likely to occur, and these are the areas you should always keep a close eye on. By doing so, you will preempt any plumbing issues and stop them before they get out of control.

Water Heater

The first area of your home where leaks can occur is the area where the water tank for your water heater is located. In addition to holding water, it contains heating elements and piping to receive and distribute water.

Corrosion can take place on any of the parts of the heater after a few years thereby causing leaks. It is, therefore, a good idea to check the area around the water heater every year, or heating systems that are older than 5 years, to ensure there are no leaks and to have a plumber do the necessary repairs if there are any. That way you can easily avoid costly repairs or replacements. Also, as per, you must opt for upgrading the heating system if it’s more than 15 years old to avoid any future damages.

Bathroom and Kitchen

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two areas of your home that have the most plumbing for obvious reasons. Because of this, it makes sense that most of the plumbing issues you will experience in your home will happen in either of these areas. These can include leaky faucets and pipes, clogged drains, and water pressure issues.

If you live long enough in a house, you will have a few plumbing issues as the house gets older. It is, therefore, a good idea to check for issues such as water collecting where it should not, or mold under the sink. It is also a good idea to have a plumber check your plumbing from time to time because issues such as leaky pipes are usually not easy to spot unless you know what to look for. Professional contractors such as Associated Piping Services, who are located in Orlando, can do a routine check and repair any issues they find. Associated Piping Services is a professional plumbing contractor and repair Orlando company. Do get in touch with them using the contact form or the number posted on their website at for a fast response.

Sewer or Septic

Since the septic or sewer is not usually part of the larger house, many people forget that it can also develop plumbing issues. Because it carries waste away from the home, an issue with a sewer or septic can escalate quickly. It is, therefore, a good idea to have the tank emptied every two to three years and inspected for any plumbing or structural issues.

You should also have it inspected if you want to make any plumbing changes to the house as it would then be put under a lot more stress due to the added waste.


Although plumbing issues can occur anywhere in the house, the areas discussed above are the ones you should keep an eye on because plumbing issues that develop there can become catastrophes quickly.

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