How to Include Your Kids In Your Busy Work Schedule

Spend Time with Kids

A few decades ago, it was normal that a woman stayed home with children, while the man went out and earned a paycheck. It was the woman’s responsibility to care for the children for hundreds of years. Today, modern parents raise their children differently. You may stay at home with your children, but be incredibly busy. In many families, both parents work, which means that at times it might be difficult to find times to work your kids into your schedule. However, with a little ingenuity, you’ll be able to find quality time with your children. Here are some tips for including your kids in your busy work life.

Take Your Children to Run Errands

Ask any parent–one of the best times to connect with your children is when you are driving around running errands. Running errands is more convenient now because you don’t have to unstrap your children from the car seat. You merely have to slide into a pickup parking spot, and you can chat with your kids about school, friends, sports, and life in general while you wait on your delivery.

If you decide to run errands with your kids, there are a few essentials you need to take with you. Be sure your kids have the appropriate car seat for their age, height, and weight. If you have a toddler, you need to make sure your child has car seat safety head support in case they fall asleep while you are talking about Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol. By squeezing in time with your kids and getting your errands done, you can achieve two goals with one trip.

Kids Are Great Helpers

Not sure where you are going to find time to bond with your kids? Why not let them help you at home? Young children adore helping their parents fold clothes, bake, pull weeds or set the table. While you are getting work done, you can also spend time with your children. Also, when you let kids help, you are teaching them that they are important. You’re also teaching them goals they can use for the rest of their lives.

Not sure how you can fit in time with all of your kids if you have two, three, four, or more kids to bond with? Why not have cooking nights? You can spend a different evening cooking with each of your children. Your kids will love having you all to themselves, and you’ll love bonding overcooking.

Make Your Kids a Calendar Item

Many parents have work calendars where they plan work events, meetings, and luncheons. Since you already have a work calendar, why not add your children to your calendar? Sit down with your children and your partner at the beginning of the month, and decide which days and times will be reserved for family time. That way, as your calendar fills up, you’ll already have time blocked off for your kids. Your kids will notice that you make them a priority, and you’ll feel less guilty when you do have to make a meeting or a conference.

Priority Bedtimes

It can be so difficult to juggle work with family commitment. You already know you are going to miss some events in your child’s life, but having a common event on a regular basis helps center your child. One really popular time to make your children a priority is at bedtime. If you are there for your children during their bedtime, it allows you to read to them, have conversations with them, and prepare them for the day ahead.

What if you work nights, and you aren’t there for bedtimes? No worries. You can bond in the mornings with your children when you wake them up, get them breakfast, and talk to them about their coming day. Many parents take great advantage of the morning by waking up and bonding with one child at a time, so each child feels important and special.

Many parents are hung up on spending as much time with their children as possible. You need to remember that it is not the quantity of time that you spend with your kids, but the quality. If you let your children know how important they are, and you make a conscious effort to spend time with them, no matter how busy you are, your kids will notice. As your children grow older, they will make memories from times in their lives when you were present, even if your presence was on a drive to pick up groceries, folding clothes, or cutting vegetables in the kitchen. You can work, have a fulfilling life, and raise great kids.

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