Exciting Themes to Try for Your Next Family Event

Family Event

Are you in charge of organizing your family gathering this year? One of the most important things you have to keep in mind is that kids get bored quite fast and adults, on the other hand, may not fit in well in a children’s themed party.

To cater for the two groups, you should know how to accommodate both children and adults effortlessly. Explore some of the themes that will easily achieve this.

Vintage Retro

Retro details will include entertainment, clothing, decor, and activities from the previous decades. These will not only leave the grownups feeling nostalgic but also introduce kids to the way of doing things in the past.

A vintage retro theme will take the young on a discovery journey as they sample past culture. Get crafty with the decor and incorporate vintage structures within the venue. Find old magazines and newspaper printouts and have them on display.

Use a vintage TV, radio or cassette player to play music. If you can lay your hands on one, have a dial phone as part of the decor, too. Stage oversized magazine covers to serve as photo backdrops. Include retro fun activities, such as dance moves from decades ago and playing Rubik’s cubes.

Get Sporty

This is a perfect theme for the sporty family. It offers a good chance for everyone to show off their favorite team’s jersey and center the day’s events on games. You can decide whether to go with seasonal games so you can get a chance to cheer your favorite team or opt for a general sports theme.

Use different sports party supplies, such as game posters and balls to decorate the venue. Have treats shaped like game pieces and keep everyone engaged in different games like tug of war, football, gunnysack racing, miniature golf or even bowling.

Go Country

This fun theme allows you to incorporate a western feel into the party. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Let the dress code be country to get everyone involved. You can get specific to create some harmony, such as having adults don full cowboy gear while you go for kids’ straw cowboy hats or bandanas as the compulsory piece for the little ones.

For the decoration, use bales of hay in place of seats and tables. In case you have tables, cover them up with red and white checkered tablecloths. Hold an eating contest, engage in a game of horseshoes too, make ponies, and use rubber bands to shoot at targets.

Jungle Safari

Throw a wild party using a jungle safari theme. It is perfect when holding a farewell party for someone who is moving to a new place or going on a trip. To entice the kids, have animal balloons around. Decorate the venue with maps and buy globes.

Have attendees wear animal prints. Play dress up, have tails or ears in the outfits and give animal masks to the little ones. Have a photo booth with animals on it to add some camping elements, too.

Holding a themed event is a lot of fun. Where it involves children, make sure that you include activities and decor that are captivating enough to feed their curiosity without distracting them. If you get the planning and execution right, everyone will go home satisfied, and yours will be an event to remember.


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