Five Ways That Home Automation Can Help New Moms

Home Automation

Any Mother can tell you: Being a first-time New Moms is an incredible experience. There’s nothing like feeling the love of caring for a newborn, although there’s no shortage of stress and challenges.

So with Mother’s Day coming up on May 12, it’s worth keeping New Moms – or even Moms-to-be – in mind when you’re thinking about gifts.

An experienced Mom will appreciate a spa day, jewelry, books, flowers, or other standard gifts. But for New Mom, consider a high-tech gift that’s not only thoughtful, but incredibly useful in coping with the new challenges.

High-tech gifts don’t have to be hard on your budget. Home automation makes it easy to find a Mother’s Day or baby shower gift that will make you look like a genius, and make New Mom’s life a lot less stressful.

Staying Safe at Home

Burglars don’t like an audience while they’re working, so one tactic is to cruise neighborhoods during the day, looking for an unoccupied home. When New Mom and baby are alone, a home can be quiet enough to seem unoccupied.

Since nothing’s more valuable than peace of mind, think about giving an entire home automation & security system as a gift. Prices are more affordable than ever, with home security packages typically starting below $300, and systems are easy to be self-installed, without cutting into walls and running wires. It can be up and running in less than a day, and it’s easy to add smart-home devices that can make New Mom’s life easier.

Setting home automation security on “home and guarding” means being protected from anyone who tries to come in, while leaving internal devices like motion detectors offline. That Can Be the Biggest Safeguard from Harm.

Some systems do double-duty: For example, Nest Secure has unique security motion sensors that double as night-lights. When New Mom enters for a midnight diaper change, a soft glow can automatically illuminate the nursery. Placed in the hallway, the sensors can also keep New Mom from tripping if she’s half-asleep.

Help Comes Quickly

A complete home automation and security system typically offers access to 24/7 professional alarm monitoring. It protects against intruders, but also includes a panic button that instantly triggers alarm response. That’s an important advantage in any sort of a medical emergency.

Don’t underestimate the peace of mind that New Mom can get from a home automation security system with professional alarm monitoring. It’s comforting to know that a trained professional is handling the situation while her attention is focused on the baby.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving: Offer to pick up the monthly tab for professional alarm monitoring.

See Who’s at the Door

In the first days and weeks, visitors will be coming by to see the baby. That’s a blessing and a bother: Helpful hands are always welcome, but nosy neighbors, unwanted visitors and delivery drivers are likely to also stop by. That’s especially annoying when New Mom has her hands full.

That’s why video doorbells are starting to become popular not just among New Moms, but millions of homeowners. When the doorbell rings, New Mom can use her smartphone to:

  • See who’s at the door, and begin the screening process right away.
  • Talk to them using two-way voice capability, and let them know whether the time is right for company.
  • Take advantage of smart-lock technology to unlock the door, let them in, and lock it behind them.

A video doorbell isn’t just practical and easy to install; it’s going to make New Mom’s life a lot easier. Best of all, it doesn’t require an entire home automation security system to make it work. All it takes is a smartphone.

Eyes all Over the House

You also don’t need a full-blown home security system to add indoor cameras that give New Mom a useful tool to keep an eye on the baby via smartphone. Sophisticated security cameras have turned the traditional nursery monitor into a relic, thanks to:

  • Two-way communication that lets you listen or talk to anyone in the room. (This can come in particularly hand when New Dad is trying to change a diaper).
  • Easy portability that let’s New Mom move the camera wherever it’s needed anytime day or night.
  • Sophisticated high-def night vision that leaves no doubt as to what’s going on.
    While they’re sophisticated and versatile, indoor video cameras don’t cost a mint, and they can all be monitored through the same app. It’s a perfect way to keep an eye on caregivers – whether they’re in the living room or nursery – when New Mom finally decides it’s OK to leave the baby for an evening out.

A Word about Voice Control

Millions of homeowners already have started building a home automation security system without really realizing it. Whether it’s Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, New Mom may already have a voice-controlled home helper.

Google Home and Amazon Echo come in full-size speaker versions, but they also have small-speaker units that would be perfect – and cost effective – for any room in the house.

  • Play lullabies or soothing sounds that can help a cranky baby settle down.
  • Create reminders for tasks that need to be done – just in case New Mom forgets.
  • Give New Mom a break with some of her favorite music (whenever she gets the chance to chill out).

New Mom needs to spend her time bonding with baby, and tending to the myriad details that come with the job. High-tech gadgets – especially if they’re part of a home automation security solution – can make New Mom’s life a lot easier.

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  1. Loved reading this post. Being a first time, stay at home mom, I can totally relate to what you are trying to say here. While taking care of the baby alone, you have so much going in your head that at times, you open the door as soon as the bell rings , without checking who’s outside. Home automation can surely give a lot of peace of mind as well as one thing less to think and take care of. When thinking of hi-tech gadget as gifts, I am sure not many will think of gifting an home automation system, so this surely is a great and well thought gift idea.


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