7 Ways you can Keep your Children Safe with Home Automation

Home Automation

A parent’s tops priorities are to provide for their children and keep them save. With children going missing every day and human trafficking on the rise in the country, the safety of your children isn’t a topic that should be taken lightly. Many parents ask themselves “what can I do to keep my children safe when I am not home?” This is an especially difficult question for parents who work away from home and spend hours a day away from their children. Everyday we strive to bring you the best in parenting advice and in this article we provide you with the answer to your question.

What is the solution to keeping your kids safe while you’re away?

For Door Cameras

Door Cameras

With today’s technology keeping an eye on your children and your home while your away has never been easier. The right home automation services, like the ones provided by Crestron Home Automation, can set you up with a security system that monitors the doors of your home with a camera. One ring of your doorbell will switch your camera into broadcast mode. You and your children will be able to see who is at the door from a phone, smart device or television screen. Make sure you talk with your child beforehand so they know who they are allowed to answer the door for. When prompted by the screen the child will know whether or not they should open the door to the visitor.

For Locks

Door lock

One of the biggest benefits to home automation is that they give you remote access. This means you can access your system from home, from work, or from the grocery store if necessary. You can get notifications sent to your smartphone or tablets that let you know if a door has been left unlocked. Better yet, you can set timers on your doors to make sure they are locked at a certain time. If you know you won’t be home when your children come home from school, you can rest easy knowing that you can set a timer lock the doors upon their arrival.

Carbon Dioxide, Fire and Flood Warnings

Devastation does not happen gradually, it happens in the blink of an eye. As a parent it is important that you know that between the years of 2011 and 2015 there were a reported 358,500 home structure fires per year. There were 393 deaths resulting from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning in 2015. The right system will alarm you immediately if it detects carbon dioxide or if there is a fire in your home. Don’t leave it all up to the system though. Make sure you go over proper fire safety tips with your children at home.

Home Automation for Outdoor Property

Home Automation for Outdoor Property

Most families have homes with yards in which their children can run and play. Your yard may have structures built on it such as garages, sheds, or swing sets. If there is someone stalking your home these are perfect places for them to hide unnoticed. Use a home automation system and install security cameras to safely monitor your yard. You will notice any intruders long before they have the opportunity to try and approach your doors or windows. This is also beneficial in case a child is injured during play.

Automatic Lighting

If you have a child that wanders aimlessly in the night then home automation for lighting is for you. You can decide whether you want your lighting close to your floor or if you want the home lighting to be set with a dimmer to lower the brightness level within the rooms you are using the system for. This will help to keep your children from running into things in the dark and keeping rooms with stairs right enough that they can see. It also works in a children’s bedrooms if you have a kid who is scared of the dark and in need of a night light. If you do have a child who is afraid take the time to work with them to eliminate the fear of the dark.

Remote Appliance Controls

There are many home appliances that are unsafe for young children. One particular appliance all parents fear leaving their children home alone with is the oven. If this sounds like you then you should consider investing in automated appliances. These appliances can be controlled remotely from smartphones and tablets. The applications on your devices will allow you to turn off dangerous appliances when you are not home as well as alert you when they get turned on and when ovens and stoves get hot.

Monitoring your Children with Home Automation

Keep a close eye on your children with home automation. These systems allow you to monitor all the rooms in your home if that is what you need. Have you grounded your kid from video games, televisions or having friends visit? Once you invest in a system you will know for sure whether or not your children have been following your rules. Now you can make sure your children are doing their homework and keeping up with their responsibilities remotely. Keeping your children responsible is part of keeping them safe.

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