4 Easy Winter Crafts

Easy Winter Crafts

The winter season can be a magical time of year, but the cold weather can also leave us stuck at home, or indoors, and it’s easy to get stir-crazy. Picking up an indoor hobby can really help with the urge to do something productive with your time. Doing some craft projects can help stimulate the brain, as well as create something fun and festive for the home. Here are five winter craft projects that are affordable, and easy to create on your own.

1.Wood Pallet Joy Sign

Wood Pallet Joy Sign

If you have any wooden pallet pieces laying in your garage or shed, then this project will be a breeze. For this project, you need three small, equal-sized pieces of wood, two smaller pieces of wood to connect the sign, the letters “J” and “Y” (most craft stores will carry small wooden letters), some jute rope, and small wreath-like candle holder (also found at most craft stores during the holidays.) To create your wooden sign, you simply line the three wooden boards up, with either no space in-between each board or a little bit of space. Next, you take the two smaller pieces of wood, and screw them into the back of the sign to hold it together. Then, you can use hot glue to attach your jute rope hanger to the sign. Lastly, glue your two letters and your wreath to the sign. To customize it, feel free to stain the wood and paint the letters however you’d like.

2. Holiday Mason Jars

Holiday Mason Jars

Mason jars can serve a variety of purposes, and there are so many ways to incorporate mason jars into your holiday decorations. For this craft, all you need is a mason jar (or several), paint, ribbon, and string. It’s pretty easy to figure out, but you start off by painting your mason jar, gluing the ribbon around it once the paint dries, and then tying the string into a bow around the ribbon. This is a great craft because there are so many ways that it can be customized, from the paint color to the ribbon choice. These decorated mason jars can be functional and hold items like kitchen utensils or toothbrushes. However, they can also be used purely for decoration, and even hold some floral arrangements in them. Again, these are very versatile!

3. Snowball Wreath

Snowball Wreath

Image courtesy of Danielle Daly

Snowball wreaths are unique and adorable, they’ll be the focal point of your porch decorations! All you need is a styrofoam wreath, mixed styrofoam balls, and a ribbon. Using hot glue, put the mixed styrofoam balls on the wreath. Then, attach the ribbon to the wreath, also by using hot glue. It may take some time to align the styrofoam balls in a way that looks perfect, but once you get an idea of what you want, it’s incredibly easy to glue together. Also, any color/patterned ribbon will look great with this simple wreath.

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4. Puzzle Piece Holly Garland

Puzzle Piece Holly Garland - Winter Craft

Image courtesy of Raising Whaisians

This puzzle piece garland is such a fun and cute touch to any holiday decorations, not to mention easy and very affordable. All you need are puzzle pieces, green paint, red pom poms, and twine. Simply paint the backs of two puzzle pieces, use hot glue to stick them together, and glue the red pom pom “berries” at the top. Then, glue the newly made holly leaves to the twine. Repeat for as many leaves that you’d like on your garland, and then you’re done. This is a great craft for children to help out with as well.

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