Banana Craze: Are Bananas Really Good for Hair Growth?

Banana Craze: Are Bananas Really Good for Hair Growth?

Living in tropical countries gives you an advantage, giving you enough reach to an abode of juicy fruits and vegetables. If you are lucky enough to visit any tropical paradise, you can enjoy eating sweet ripe, and luscious bananas.

Bananas are more than your favorite summer treats and diet partners for oatmeal, cereals, etc. These fruits are also potential ingredients for your best hair growth serum, shampoo, or any other hair care product. But, how do bananas do their magic? Find out what magical wonders bananas can do to your hair.

How Can Bananas Help Avoid Hair Growth Dramas?

Bananas are berries packed with various necessary nutrients. These fruits are also rich in fiber which can help your digestive system to absorb vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients adequately. However, bananas are not just for your gut or internal health, but they also come with potential hair growth benefits. Below are the five things you need to know about bananas and how they can prevent you from crying over any hair growth fiasco.

1. Bananas are loaded with Potassium

Potassium is a mineral that also helps regulate healthy hair follicle function since it is involved in regulating blood pressure and preserving moisture. With inadequate potassium, you may suffer from hypokalemia, a condition that can cause hair thinning or even worse, such as hair fall. But with bananas, you are most likely to be safe from these hair growth problems.

2. You Can use them as Natural hair Moisturizers

If you are fond of making your hair concoctions at home, then you may have learned of bananas being recommended ingredients in every hair mask recipe. Yes, bananas are often added to homemade hair paste, and the reason can be rooted in banana’s moisturizing properties. What’s even better is being a helpful ally for dry and frizzy hair.

3. They Can keep your hair Super Strong

Bananas have another secret nutrient that can truly benefit your hair – silica. Albeit to banana’s mushy texture, this mineral is a major contributor to keeping your tensile enough against hair breakage. Silica also aids in the nutrient delivery to your hair follicles, ensuring that they receive enough nourishment for healthy hair growth.

4. You can keep your hair and Scalp Safe against Bacterial Invasions

Bananas are zero-waste edible fruits. The flesh isn’t the only part that you need, but you can definitely make use of banana peels as well. Some studies have found potential antimicrobial properties from the banana skin that can help thwart bacteria from lingering on your hair and scalp.

5. These Fruits are Natural and Safe for your Hair and Scalp

Choosing the safest ingredients and chemicals for your hair is far very important. You can’t put your pate at risk, albeit your hair strands are made up of dead cells. Bananas are not just edible, but they are also safe for your hair when applied externally. Even the banana extract in hair growth serums is found to be safe for hair and scalp application.

Treat Your Hair with Banana Hair Masks and Serums

Fruits might not be the first ingredients that would come into your mind when choosing what’s best for your hair, but opting for hair products with banana extract might be your best shot in treating your lovely tresses. In fact, adding some freshly sliced bananas in your homemade hair mask recipe will be worth it, enriching your concoction with moisturizing properties. However, if you don’t have the luxury to experiment with your hair products, you may simply buy serums and conditioners amplified with banana extract. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let your hair act crazy and start revamping those lifeless locks of yours with the help of bananas.

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  1. Loads of good pointers here, Lindsay!! Bananas are great for hair and scalp!! Thanks for sharing in detail the benefits of using bananas!!

  2. Bananas are indeed a fantastic natural remedy for promoting hair growth, and this blog highlights their benefits perfectly. Thanks for sharing this informative and helpful post about using bananas for healthier hair!


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