Appliance Malfunctions Leading To Water Damage

Appliance Malfunctions Leading To Water Damage

With the advent of advanced technologies, we are buying more and more appliances to make our life comfortable by getting our chores done by the washing machine, dishwasher, water heaters, etc. These appliances come with a wide chain of advantages, yet they can sometimes lead to havoc to our home. If any of these appliances have any setback, they may lead to short-circuiting, fire damages and may even cause severe water damages.

According to the statistical report given by National Flood Insurance Agency, more than thirty percent of residential flood accidents are due to appliance failure, which implies that the other causes of water damage are controllable, but in this area, certain steps are required to be taken by the homeowners. If the water damage is critical, contact a water restoration company to reduce the severity of the consequences.

Some appliances can potentially lead to serious water damage, these include:

1. The Refrigerator


The most relevant and witnessed reason behind a leaky refrigerator is its clogged defrost drain. Food particles or dust in the defrosting pipe prevent water from draining into the pan. When the pan gets filled up completely, the stored water begins to overflow and leaks out of the refrigerator. To avoid such circumstances, clean your defrosting pipe with a sturdy wire or flush it with hot water ro eliminate the blockage. The drain pan may get cracked due to overuse, so the water may start leaking on the floor due to this, the only solution to this is; replacement of the drain pan.

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2. Electric Water Heater

Among the five appliances mentioned in the article, a water heater has led to the maximum instances of water damages, according to the reports. You must frequently keep on checking the water inlet and outlets, the drain valve and the cylindrical tank regularly. If your water tank gets corroded, you will have to go for a replacement of the entire heater. Since these come with a lot of instructions, it will better if you contact a water damage restoration company.

3. The Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Washing machine consumes a large amount of water, and in return has the potential to cause highly catastrophic water damage. Over time the condition of the supply gets deteriorated, and may eventually fail; this is one of the most popular causes of water damage due to a washing machine. Clogging of drains and pipes due to small rugs or debris is often witnessed, this may cause sudden bursting of pipes of water leakage; in such scenarios, procure a lint trap to avoid water damages. A clogged drain that was caused by pieces of fabric or debris that were accumulated under the drain is another reason for a leaky washing machine. You might need a lint trap to prevent this from happening. To increase the durability of your wash machine, always go for smaller loads. Overloading the water can be another triggering cause of water damage.

4. Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

Any glitch in the drain-pipe is the most popular culprit of water damage due to your air conditioner. Water starts overflowing and may lead to short-circuiting and house fire or cause wall damages. The only preventive measure is to have a backup drain-pipe installed.

5. Dishwashers

Generally, dishwasher starts malfunctioning if someone puts excess or incompatible detergent into its dispenser. You can easily escape this kind of damages by carefully reading the instructions given on your manual about the quantity and the variety of the detergent. Damaged gasket or lose latches and hinges, may lead to water damages. You can deal with the gasket by replacing it, and the hinges and latches can be easily fixed by tightening the screws.

The only way to escape these damages is by arranging thorough inspections regularly. And even if water damages occur, in the initial state only call for professional water damage restoration to avoid major damages.

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