Cables and Pipes – Why you Need to Know What is Under your Yard


Even if you have lived in your current home for a while, there is a good chance that you have never really thought about what lies under the ground on your property. You have too much to think about above ground, to be worried about things that you cannot see. The problem is that pipes and cables that lie under the ground can create major problems, if you do not know they are there.

Ideally, you should get to know what pipes and cables are present on your property as soon as you move in. That way you are prepared for all eventualities. Realistically, you will probably not be concerned about the issue, until there is a specific reason that you need to know. This usually happens when you start to plan a building project.

How to identify the cables and pipes that you cannot see

If you are planning to build on your land, you should not take the chance that there are no utility cables and pipes hidden away that you are not aware of. You need to make use of facilities, such as a CCTV inspection, to check what unexpected obstacles you may encounter. The findings from this work help you to locate pipes and cables. This means that you can plan how to avoid them when you are digging as part of the building process.
If you take the risk of not getting this work done, you could cause yourself a lot of problems.

What happens if you hit a TV cable

Damaging the cable for your TV connection is not going to cause you any harm, but it can be inconvenient. You can make some emergency repairs, so that you can watch your favourite shows, but you will need to call out the repairmen, to put the problem right in the long term.

Why hitting a water pipe can be a major headache

Hitting a water pipe that is underneath the ground on your property, is more serious than damaging a TV cable. Once you have damaged the pipe, the water can flow freely out of it. Depending on how big the hole is, you could be faced with a significant flood of water. Clearing up can be a big job, and you will be faced with the cost of having the pipe repaired.

The Danger of Hitting a Gas Pipe

The most potential danger you can face from underground hazards often comes from damaging a gas pipe. Gas leaks are dangerous so, if you strike a pipe and smell gas, you need to take action. The first thing you need to do is get away from the area as quickly as possible.

Never use a phone to call the gas emergency number, while you are still close to the leak. If you do this, you can cause a spark which ignites the gas. As soon as you are away from danger you should make the call.

You can see that knowing which pipes and cables are under your property is important. If you do not have this knowledge, and you carry out building work, you can end up causing a considerable amount of damage as well as compromising your own safety.

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