5 Steps to Replace a Window at Home

5 Steps to Replace a Window at Home - replacing windows in house

Homeowners should be knowledgeable shoppers whether they want to buy replacement windows now or shortly. The style and material of the windows can be chosen from various possibilities, and there are also other things to take into account.

Choosing a contractor

If you are in the market for new windows, choosing a reliable contractor is crucial for your home improvement project. A reputable contractor from Window Company Denver will evaluate the windows in your home and discuss potential renovations and enhancements. Before searching for a contractor, clearly understand what you want. This will help you focus your search and avoid adding unnecessary upgrades or features you do not need.
A certified contractor with five years of experience is a must. They meet the requirements for the installation of windows. You can ask about the types of warranties the contractor offers. If you can afford it, choose a company offering a contract for products and labor.

Measurement of the window frame

There are several methods to determine the dimensions of a window frame. First, you can measure the structure in three places: the bottom of the jamb, the middle of the post, and the top of the jamb. Once you have these measurements, you can measure the window’s width. You should use the smallest size if the frame is not square.

Measure the window frame several times to ensure you have obtained the correct size. It would help if you tried to use two points to determine the length of the window frame, then the third point to determine the width. This is important because windows are not square, and you may have a miscalculated measurement. Using a metal tape measure can help ensure that the size is accurate.

Installing new sash

If replacing the sash on your window, you must remove the old one first. Remove the sash’s tabs by pushing up on them, and then carefully pull the window out. Ensure that the window’s interior casings are intact, and make sure they are not damaged.
Start by removing the old upper sash. It is typically held in place by balancing weight. Once the weight is removed, slide the new sash into place and secure the stop.

To begin, remove any old paint or putty. If the sash is still in good condition, you can use asbestos or aluminum foil to protect it from sudden temperature changes. Afterward, use a sash lift to lift the window in a straight line. Using the sash lift, you can increase the window’s efficiency while decreasing its energy consumption.

Cleaning windows

Cleaning windows after window replacement is tedious, but a few tips will make your job much easier. The first step is removing dust and dirt from the glass surfaces. You can avoid streaks by using a microfiber cloth instead of paper towels. Paper towels can leave fibers behind that can clog your window. The second step involves removing excess water and soap from your windows. Finally, a rubber-bladed squeegee tool will help you remove any water that might remain on your windows.

It would help if you also kept in mind that using a regular squeegee is not recommended since construction debris can easily damage the glass. Instead, consider buying a glass scraper, which looks like a box-cutting knife. Besides cleaning your windows with these tools, you should also invest in a vacuum. When using a vacuum, ensure the attachment is at least half an inch away from the glass to avoid leaving streaks.

Repairing broken windows

Before repairing your window, you must know the correct measurements for the damaged area. Once you have measured the entire region, you must apply the right amount of putty to fill in the crack. Then, it would help if you placed the new glass pane into the window sash. Appropriate materials, such as glazing points or strips, are also essential. You should also wear safety gear, such as cut-proof gloves and eye protection.

First, you need to measure the size of the glass pane. You will need a new one if the pane is too large or too small. Next, measure the space between the panes if the pane is made of IGU. After that, you can use duct or painter’s tape to hold the broken glass.

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