Can You Receive an EIN Strictly for Banking Purposes?


It is quite hard for a mom who manages home and her business at the same time. She will have to deal with cashflows and eventually tax issues if she doe not have an EIN. Yes, you can receive an EIN for just your banking purposes as long as the account you opened requires one. Typically, an EIN is required when opening up a bank account for business use or if you are stay at home mom because the bank needs to make sure that it is a legitimate company, that you have the right to sign checks, make payments, and oversee finances of that business. To receive an EIN, you can visit the website IRS-EIN-Tax-ID, to fill out their simple and easy application.

While you might need to obtain an EIN for banking purposes, there are also several other reasons as to why you might need one.

  • If you recently opened a business
  • If you are hiring or have hired employees
  • If you changed the ownership of your business
  • If you created a trust, pension plan, LLC, etc.
  • If you operate an estate

Once you have decided your entity, you can then fill out an EIN Application. The process of filling out a tax identification number application has been made extremely simple to benefit you. It includes three steps:

  1. Select entity
  2. Enter information
  3. Review and submit

Understanding what you are filling out is important. For example, if you are needing to obtain an estate EIN it is important because as the estate executor, it is your job to make sure all money, property, assets, etc. go to the right beneficiaries or heirs. Filling out all the information correctly is critical in determining whether or not you can obtain an EIN because if one part of the information is filled out incorrectly, your application will be rejected. To avoid this, you can use one of’s experts to avoid any major setbacks that might happen if not reviewed by a professional.

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