A Mom’s Life without Wi-Fi


Imagine this, you’re a mom of a two-year-old, you’re strolling through the store, your child in the cart-seat, and you have another one, smaller than your two-year-old, he’s 9 months old asleep, except he’s in a car seat inside the car.

Like I was saying, imagine you’re there walking along, your oldest is peacefully watching things around themselves, entertained by the vast colors in the store, and you oh so timely pass by the darn toy section. Your kid suddenly bursts out crying, “Mommy, mommy, mommy!” Pointing ever demanding towards the toys, you ignore them, cause you damn well know that they have a million other toys back home. You walk on and your toddler begins to bawl now! Oh, good gracious God, people are beginning to look your way, thinking that you’ve pinched them to be quiet because your kid is crying so hard now they can’t breathe!

You worry for their lack of breath, and panic at the thought that the people around you will call the police and report you for being a bad parent. You try and hush them, with no such luck! Great, the other one is going to wake up too. All hell has broken loose.

You remember your smartphone in your purse, luckily there’s free Wi-Fi at the store, no lagging due to data, you pop up their favorite online videos, and suddenly it’s like the heavens opened up and an angel came to help your situation. Everyone looks away, and your other child is asleep, and your toddler is entertained. Finally peace and quiet! You can now continue to your errands.

Wi-Fi, what would we do without you!?

This situation is obviously more common than not. Most moms I know, and I too, have gone through this. Your kid is crying their lungs out, and thanks to the internet they quiet down. We’ve become so dependent on Wi-fi, without even really knowing what it even is.

Stick with me and together we’ll explore a little more on what Wi-Fi is!

We often think that everything we own was made simple and fast. We don’t usually look too deep into the things that surround us. We use our Wi-Fi to freely roam the internet without wires, and antennas, thinking that that’s the way it’s supposed to be, and really I mean it is, but Wi-Fi goes way deeper than that.

In 1950, all the sources of media were down to television and radios, now we still have those, but we don’t use the bunny antennas anymore, so when we think of radio waves, we think of an FM transmitter right? Well, we’re not too wrong, the Wi-Fi has something to do with those radio waves.

Wi-fi uses that technology to get to your phone wirelessly, providing you with access to roam your house, or any place that has a Wi-Fi network, without cables, as mentioned before.

So, no matter how the Wi-Fi is being used the result is always the same, wireless connection!

So, now this question arises, do the service providers matter? Yes, indeed the service providers do matter, actually, that’s what matters the most, some internet providers have slower services, and others are extremely fast Here is one of the fastest internet providers.

As a mom I know I want the fastest Internet service, for my kids to calm down, there is nothing worse than having your kids run around screaming and crying while you try to cook and clean, everything at the same time, I KNOW! So when it comes to calm them down I know that sometimes they do need online videos.

So now it all narrows it down to you, did you learn something about how our Wi-Fi works? We all assumed it was was just some magical little piece of plastic that allowed us the freedom to roam, it really seems like it, but it’s not, it took so much time to develop and perfect, so much that we have lost the basic information of what makes it work. Our world is amazing, and humankind is an amazing creature, we create things that are almost unimaginable!

Mommies, to finish up, stay safe out there in the grocery stores with your kids! Always carry your phone with Wi-Fi access, so you can peacefully shop!

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