4 Car Buying Tips for Millennial Moms


The generation gap seems to be widening and creating trends in how people of different ages spend their money. The most visible shift is with millennials, as they have impacted real estate, retail, and food industries with their car buying patterns. While people of this age generally tend to have kids later in life, there are many millennial moms out there who are creating new car buying trends in the automobile market. If you are a generation Y mom in the market for a new vehicle, there are a few tips to keep in mind as you shop.


1. Make Use of Available Technology

If you are on the younger side of the millennial sliding age scale and in your early twenties, chances are you have never purchased a car before. This can make the process seem daunting; however, taking advantage of available technology can help you prepare to make such a large investment. Your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone has apps and information that can put the answer to any car buying question right at your fingertips.

Before you begin browsing car lots, consider visiting the Kelley Blue Book website, where you can find information about makes and models that interest you. For example, if you are considering trading in your two-door sedan for an SUV, this site lists current pricing for many different vehicle types, the worth by year, and the value of the car you want to trade in. These tools can help you narrow down your choice rather than forcing you to make estimations.

2. Consider Lifestyle Trends

Like many other millennial moms, you might be upgrading to a larger vehicle because of your lifestyle choices and activities you participate in with your family. For example, if you have several children under the age of five, you might be looking for an SUV with a large backseat to make installing car seats a simple task or one with removable seats so you can store and transport all your gear for school-aged children. No matter your current lifestyle, considering the family’s needs can help you make the best choice.

One strategy for matching the best car to your millennial lifestyle is to make a list of the activities, errands and commutes you make most often. Once it is complete, make another list of what you want most in a car and match each factor with that list. Include gas mileage, comfort, and onboard technology. This can make what you are looking for in a vehicle clearer to you and your spouse.

3. Beware High-Effort Dealerships

As you browse different online and local lots, be aware of each company’s process and be wary of those that seem inefficient, have a bare-bones website, and can offer you little in the way of a streamlined process. After all, as a mother, you likely will not have time to wait around to take test drives or make repeated trips to the dealer to discuss a vehicle. Stick with dealerships that make buying a car a frictionless experience so you can get back to the business of life.

4. Consider Peer Opinion

When you are looking for an affordable new car for a growing family, peer advice and reviews can go a long way in helping you make the right choice. Talk to your mom friends, people at work your age, and check out car reviews on sites that are frequented by young people. The more information you can gather, the more confident you are likely to feel when it comes to buying a new vehicle. It is important to remember, however, that your individual needs and budget will likely influence your ultimate decision more than anything.

As a millennial mom, you are part of a unique generation that has influenced the way businesses think about consumers. Using that knowledge to your best advantage can help you come out ahead when you are ready to buy a vehicle.

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