Car Safety Tips: Keeping Your Family Safe in Your Car

Car Safety Tips

Statistics show that full-size SUVs are the safest on the road. These are various things to consider when it comes to choosing the right car for your family, including its spaciousness and suitability for traveling on family vacations. However, of all the considerations, child safety is paramount. It is therefore incredibly important to research the safety of any car and be aware of safety regulations when driving. Below are the car safety tips to remember for your safe travel.

Four Car Safety Tips to Follow

The Importance of Car Maintenance

First things first, whatever car you drive, suitable protection for your car and good maintenance are key to staying safe. The latter includes checking your tire tread, making sure your tire pressure is correct (especially before long journeys) and getting your car serviced regularly. Be sure to top up windscreen washer fluid as soon as it runs low, as visibility will be severely impacted should you not be able to spray the windscreen if it becomes smeared on the road.

Opt for an SUV

For petrolheads out there, it can be tempting to eye up the slickest, most stylish looking sports model available. However, not only are these impractical when it comes to transporting family members (particularly small children and all the paraphernalia that comes with them), but smaller, sporty cars tend to not have as good safety records as larger cars. It is worth trying out the latest list of family cars recommended by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. SUVs come out on top for safety, with the Volvo XC60 is particularly worth a mention: it achieved a near perfect score in its safety test.

Make Sure you Install your Children’s Seats Correctly

Did you know that nearly half of children’s car seats are used incorrectly? You may have the safest car in the world, but none of that matters if you and your passengers aren’t strapped in properly. It is also crucial that young children are in the appropriate seat or booster seat for their age and/or weight. These things can make all the difference when it comes to saving someone’s life in an accident. Make sure you are up-to-date with the different laws regarding child passenger safety in each state. No matter how unintentional, failing to comply with these laws is considered an offence, so it really is important to make sure you follow the regulations.

Put the Time in to Choosing a Family Car

When it comes to choosing a car for your family, it really is worth doing your homework. Read up on the safety record of any car you’re interested in and be sure to road test it a few times. Carefully assess the spaciousness of the car; does it provide enough room for your family and potential baggage? Make sure you feel comfortable driving the car and look into how much it will cost to run. Most importantly of all, whichever car you go for in the end, make sure you are vigilant with all the safety measures when on the road; this could potentially save a life.

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