Mimi Shirts for Grandchildren’s Names

Mimi Shirts for Grandchildren's Names

Mimi shirts are back, but now with space to include the grandchildren’s names. What better way to let them know they’re loved than by wearing their name with pride. This is truly a great gift that can also be printed on totes, sweatshirts such as crewnecks or hoodies and also other apparel.

They don’t really need another stuffed animal, so we say give them your love in a way they’ll never forget with personalized items. Let these lucky kids be celebrated and let their own names printed on the front of the shirt become part of their family’s lore and heritage. They will treasure this shirt for all time! During the past 5 years the rating given to personalized gifts has jumped much higher. Most every grandmother wants a gift that is personal to them and allows them to show off each and every kid for all the kids that they have.

It’s time to step up your game with a new trend and not just in the south or as a country gift. It used to be that MIMI was only used as a Southern Grandmother name but across the USA and Canada it is what many grand kids call their grandmother on either the father’s or mothers side! Not only do shirts for Mimi have a lot of options there are also a lot of different already made designs that you can simply add names to. You can gt different style shirts including features like a front pocket for all of those amazing pictures. Upload the names of your grand kids and give them away as gifts to grandma-loving friends!

Some other great gift ideas are personalized mugs with sayings or once again you can add each of the grand children’s names. Another choice is the Mimi heart – which stands for love shirt. The Mimi Heart is also available in jewelry as well and while it can be found in boutiques across the USA. Another great gift is to melt down an older ring of grandma’ and have it made into several different rings for the grand children. This has become popular over the last few years and is a really good gift from older children to wear in memories of their Mimi’s once they have gone. Getting creating is the key to a good gift. Above are some of the better ideas and we are always looking for new and effective ways to show love for families and especially grand mothers.

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