Driving Adventures with the Family: How To Plan a Fun Road Trip

Road Trip

There are a lot of benefits to traveling with family, so it’s not surprising that 53% of Americans are planning a family road trip this year, according to AAA Travel. If you’re planning one as well, making it as enjoyable as possible helps to ensure future trips. So how do you plan a fun family road trip?

Choose the Right Ride

family car

Before you hop into your family car, consider the fact that a road trip can come across different road conditions like unpaved roads and odd weather. It’s crucial that you carefully consider the vehicle you’ll use on your trip. Consider how many family members will be going on your road trip and how comfortable they’ll be in the car for several hours.

A popular vehicle option for road trips is Recreational Vehicles (RVs). 87% of travelers agree that an RV is a cost-effective and comfortable way to travel with children, according to the RV Industry Association. Additionally, 69% say that an RV provides more flexibility for farther destinations, which enables more mini-vacations. You don’t even have to buy an RV to experience it. You can look around for RV rentals so your family can enjoy the trip and not have to worry about maintenance.

Involve the Kids

The kids are an integral part of your family and their input should be considered as you plan your road trip. You could call in a family meeting and get their opinions and suggestions about potential destinations. Getting the kids involved in the planning stage teaches them to be good travelers when they grow up, says Sara Clemence of Family Traveler Magazine. It’s also a good opportunity to plan and delegate any tasks they can carry. It gives you a good sense of what they’d be interested in and get them invested in the trip.

Pack for Success

Kids can have notoriously short patience on a road trip so you need to come prepared. The fun can start right in the car if you pack the right things. If your children are old enough, you can make them in charge of a map or navigation app. It gives them a good sense of responsibility and keeps their attention focused, according to Kids Health. It also helps to pack road-friendly snacks like apples to help fight any queasiness. Keep everyone fed, hydrated, and occupied and the miles will pass by swiftly.

Never forget that fortune favors the prepared. So if you want a truly enjoyable road trip with your family, go over the details carefully and get everyone on board. That way, your road trip is something that everyone helped make happen and it is truly a family trip.

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