Baby Shower Essentials: How to Plan a Perfect Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Are you planning to throw a baby shower for the mom-to-be and her new bundle of joy? If so, then I have a feeling that this article will help you for sure!

Baby showers are growing in popularity in the U.S. It is generally an American tradition where the mum-to-be is literally ‘showered’ with gifts and good wishes for her unborn baby. The grandparents are eagerly waiting for the big day and the guests seem to be happy in sharing the joy. It’s about bringing a support network to the new mommy. Plenty of advice and giggles with cakes and drinks makes the baby shower perfect.

If you’ve accepted the task of organizing a baby shower, follow these steps to make it memorable for the mom-to-be and fantastic for all the guests.

Baby Shower Essentials

Schedule the Party

The first thing to consider in throwing a baby shower is to schedule it according to the date and time of the guest of honor. Most baby showers are held when the mom-to-be is in her seventh month of pregnancy. So that she can be attending the party comfortably as she is safely enters into her pregnancy by the time.

Choose a Venue

The second thing you need to decide is the venue. Consider the number of guests, the whole budget of the party and the time of year. Hosting a baby shower in your backyard or living room will be a great idea so that you won’t have to pay the rental fee for the space reservation. You can decorate your home with some creative DIY vase of flowers. If your budget is high and you have a long list of guests, then consider throwing a party in the nearest restaurant or hotel. The hotel staff will manage the setup, catering, and clean up so that the host can enjoy the event. Additionally, if you are planning to host a baby shower in summer, then parks can be a good option.

Preparing and Sending the Invitation Cards

Find the perfect baby shower invitation cards to set the tone for the party. You can make the cards yourself. There are many theme invitation card ideas to try. For instance, sailor themed baby shower invitations, pink baby carriage cards, baby animals themed cards, good fortune baby shower, diaper theme baby shower, and many others. Making baby shower invitation cards will be a good idea if your guest list is short. Select the theme of your party and then make the invites accordingly. After making baby shower invitations, send invites to your guests six weeks prior the shower. If you are hosting a formal shower, go with the invitation cards. But if it is a casual one, an e-mail invitation is perfectly fine.

Decide the Menu

Plan the menu of the event about three weeks before the shower. Considering the guest of honor’s tastes in mind, plan the menu accordingly.  Try mini sliders, small bowls of potato salad, mini fried chicken, and mini cupcakes. Moreover, if the mum-to-be is into Mexican delight, then try tacos, guacamole, a salsa bar, and so on.

Get Crafty with the Event

Have you decided on the activities you are going to arrange in the shower? If not, then try some innovative ideas to rock the event. Give everyone fabric paints and a piece of paper, a card or a bib to decorate. The beautiful part of this brilliant activity is that the mom-to-be will have a craft that she’ll use, plus the guests and especially kids will love this activity.

You can either convert the activity into a contest or leave it casual. Additionally, ask each guest to write a message or draw a picture with fabric paints (or permanent markers) on a piece of fabric. After the baby shower, you can sew the fabric pieces together and make an adorable play blanket or quilt.

Acknowledge the Guests by Giving them a Parting Gift

A simple way to thank your guests for attending the event is to give them a parting gift. You don’t need to be extravagant in this regard. You can either give CD’s as a gift for a musical theme, or you can give small bags of candy or chocolates for a sugar-and-spice theme. Don’t forget to give gifts to the guest of honor. The expected mom will love a magnet picture frames. Scented soaps and candles are also good crowd-pleasers. In addition to that, give a thank you card with a cute message written on it from the unborn baby. The guests would love this idea.

The baby showers are the cutest tradition to give blessings and gifts to the unborn baby and the mum-to-be. This adorable event will give the expected mom many joyful moments prior to the arrival of her baby.

Celebrate the event merrily!


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