Top 3 Easiest Flowers to Plant With Your Child

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Spring has well and truly sprung and nature is starting to bloom. This exciting period of natural beauty and growth is prime time to get outdoors with your child and explore the wonders that your garden boasts. Whether you’ve got acres and acres of land or a small outdoor space, there’s plenty of flowers that you can plant and enjoy this Spring.
There are so many varieties of flowers that you can grow, and garden centers are rife with packets of beautiful seeds that you can get growing together at home. Not only will growing flowers liven up your garden, but it can also teach your child about responsibility since the flower will most likely require regular watering. To help you to choose the easiest flowers to plant together, here are our three simplest blooms to start your planting journey.


One of the most common flowers that appear in UK gardens is the petunia and it’s popular for good reason. The petunia comes in an array of different colors which will brighten up any garden, meaning that your child could choose their favorite color, making it all the more exciting when they bloom.

The petunia is an easy flower to grow because it’s a relatively low-maintenance plant. The flower typically only needs watering once per week and can survive harsh weather conditions and flourish in a variety of different soil types.

Petunias are also a great flower for kids because their upkeep can prove fun and educational. Petunias require deadheading, which is the process of cutting off the flower’s head when it has begun to wilt or die. A new head will then be able to bloom in its place, so let your kids cut off the flowers and be amazed by the magic of nature.


The sunflower is one of the most cheerful and iconic flowers and it’s a firm favorite amongst kids and adults alike. The flowers germinate easily and grow extremely quickly. You can start growing the flowers indoors so that your child can watch them grow each day and take measurements. Once they have grown, they can be moved outdoors, where they will shoot up and can grow over ten feet high!

Why not plant a few sunflowers and have a competition to see who can grow the tallest flower! This can be an exciting activity for all of the family, incorporating some healthy competition to get your kids really excited about gardening. You could also participate in an online sunflower growing competition, and recently Kiddi Caru hosted a challenge on their social media to see who could grow the tallest flower.

Sunflowers are the flower that keeps on giving and you can also put some sunflower seeds out on a bird table as a healthy treat for the birds, to further explore nature, inviting wildlife to your garden.


Daisies are a common but beautiful flower and are perfect to grow with your kids. Daisies don’t have to be the typical white and yellow blooms that we’re used to seeing and coming in a multitude of varieties and colors.

The chances are that previously, you’ve had to discourage your child from picking the flowers that you grow in your garden; however, the humble daisy could be an exception. If your child enjoys picking flowers and bringing them inside, to be enjoyed as part of a bouquet, then daisies are perfect, as more will grow in their place. Incorporating daisies in your garden will allow your child to be more involved and hands-on with the flowers, making for a more enjoyable experience.

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