Lighting Up Your Garden and Outdoor Pathways Appropriately

Lighting Up Your Outdoor

Apart from the indoor décor, your lawn, pathways and outdoor portion also enhance the grandeur and overall beauty of your house, but only when you keep them tip-top and well-lit.

Lawns and outdoors add a lot to the value of houses and deserve to be taken care of by all the family members. Besides all the other caring gestures, keeping them well-lit goes a long way towards creating their overall impressive look. Lighting up your pathways, outdoor and garden area can make a huge difference in how you and your guests feel about your home.

Here, we are going to discuss the various aspects of lighting up your lawn, pathways, and outdoor in the best possible ways. Remember, a well-balanced approach is always paying in every walk of life.

Three basic types of lighting

Based upon the facts regarding your specific needs as per the area and the overall decorative aspects of your house, there are three basic types of lighting.

• General lighting

Overall illumination of an area replacing the sunlight and enabling the inmates to see and walk about safely is referred to as general lighting. Accomplished normally with chandeliers, wall fixtures, track lights, and lanterns, it radiates a comfortable level of brightness.

• Task lighting

It refers to lighting suitable for performing specific tasks like cooking, reading, sewing, sketching, writing, playing indoor games, etc. This type of light is always free of distracting glare and shadows and never cause an eyestrain. Track lighting, pendant lighting, and portable lamps can constitute such type of lighting.

• Accent lighting

Accent lighting is there when you want to spotlight some specific objects like a portrait, a sculpture, a houseplant, a landscape or the texture of a wall. The intensity of such lighting is three times the general lighting. Usually, track, under-cabinet, tape or wall-mounted fixture lights are used as accent lighting.

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How to light up your pathways?

1. Must be purposeful

Pathway lighting serves you in multiple ways. It enhances the safety of inmates and the plants along with highlighting certain features and curb appeal of your pathway. It also magnifies all the architectural features of your house-building.

2. Must be well spaced and an integral part

As a general rule, pathway lights should be placed six to eight feet apart to keep your pathway quite vivid and bright. The most important point in this regard is to make the pathway lighting an integral part of the overall lighting plan of the house. These must never be added as an afterthought, for they will then remain cut-off from the cohesion and the visual appeal.

3. Should be autonomic to save energy

Walkway lights may serve you better if you manage to put them on a timer so that you don’t have to operate them manually. This will save you from botheration even if you are out of the city or have got late from your workplace. Besides, their autonomous system will also save you the electricity cost which may be high otherwise.

4. Should preferably be solar powered

Pathway lights may be solar-powered if the nearest power transformer is far from your walkway. Solar-powered options always prove cost-effective and energy-efficient if used sensibly. Various shapes and sizes of lights from multiple brands are available on the market. You may contact some expert design consultants for the selection and adjustment of your pathway lighting pieces.

How to light up your garden?

Spring and summer are the seasons best suitable for garden parties, barbecues, and get-togethers. So, it is high time you decorate your garden. One of the most important aspects of this decoration is how your garden is going to be lit up. You can make the most of your garden through lighting it up with atmospheric, cozy and task-oriented outdoor lighting. We have the following amazing tips and ideas to share with you in this regard. Let’s dive into.

  1. Highlight the most prominent features of your garden like flower beds, water features, sculptures, etc. You can amplify their real appeal with solar landscape lights for garden or with appropriate selection of outdoor accent-lighting like spotlights and up/down-lights.
  2. Festoon or string lights can create a festival feel about your garden when they are zigzagged over the seating or dining area, producing a worthwhile canopy of lights. You may also drape these lights from the tree branches to make them present an ethereal glow. It will certainly look fabulous.
  3. Bulkheads should be used for larger lighting needs as the festoons or lanterns cannot fulfill these greater needs, particularly in the high use areas. Such lights are robust and watertight and can be an excellent option for the year-round outdoor lighting.
  4. Point out the potential hazards with proper light options so that all of you may avoid a possible tumble. Steps, decking with different heights, slopping areas, a pond, a pool or even a water fountain must be obvious even in the darkness of night. Being lit-up properly, these hazards will also start presenting an eye-catching look besides becoming safe.


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