Learning Tips: How to Find the Best way to Learn

Learning Tips

Technology is shattering barriers of all kinds, and often the options available expand faster than our human ability to adapt. We tend to do what we’re familiar or comfortable with, even if it’s not the most effective or enjoyable approach.

Best Learning Tips for Mothers & Kids

When it comes to learning, many people default to the model with which they’re most familiar. They take it as a matter of course that their children should sit in a classroom for a full school day that matches the standard working week. They drive the kids off to college with a truck full of cheap furniture and weigh the cost of leaving their own job to take time off to upgrade their credentials at a college or university. However, once you get comfortable questioning these old models of learning and pushing back at their inefficiency and inconvenience, a whole world of options opens up.

There are two key things to look at: the learner’s needs and the solutions available. Your child may not get the most out of a typical public school setting. A program that allows for more movement and integrates learning with time spent in motion or outdoors can help young students who have trouble focusing and restraining their energy. A mix of traditional classroom studies and independent, online-facilitated learning may carry self-motivated students further, faster and with less frustration.

You might have an unconventional family life, and want more flexibility for your kids’ learning to fit around your schedule and travel needs. It’s becoming more and more common for families to work and live abroad for an extended period or live a “digital nomad” life and spend a year sailing around the world while still keeping up with work and studies. The quality and accessibility of flexible and uncommon learning options for kids have blossomed in recent years, and you can mix and match to find the right blend for your child and your family.

For older kids heading into further education, or if you’re considering going back to school or upgrading your skills mid-career, it also pays to push back against tradition. The expense of professional qualifications needs to be balanced against income, both now and in the future. Flexible hours, creative scheduling and remote or online learning can free you or your older child to keep living life, earning money, building a career, and balancing all your needs instead of dropping everything.

The type of program, the subjects and learning, and the duration all inform the options available to you. It’s good to take some time and reach out to those who can help understand the different options before making a decision about your child’s or your own learning path. You might opt for a certificate vs degree program if it meets your career goals just as well, or switch your child’s schools to help them access a teaching style that better suits who they are as a person.

Don’t be constrained by habit and condition when it comes to education. Consider your own needs and all learning options available to get the most out of the experience.

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  1. I’m happy the digital nomad lifestyle is picking up speed. Pay is significantly less relative to conventional jobs, but the flexibility and freedom to do whatever, including taking care of our children, is worth it.

    We only need to learn how to live a different lifestyle. Tough, but worth it!


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