Air Time – 5 Tips to Winning the Airbnb Game


If you are ready to make a little money with your vacant property through Airbnb, you want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck with each visit. You want to make sure that all of your guests’ needs are met completely, while also minimizing the amount of interaction required with you on basic items. The best way to ensure you have covered all your bases is to consider your property from the perspective of your future guests. What questions might they have when they walk in the door? What amenities would they desire in your location? How do you streamline their visit? Below are five tips to help you win at the Airbnb game:

1. Ditch the Keys

If you don’t want to be present for the arrival of every guest or hassle with replacing locks when keys inevitably get lost, you should consider installing a smart bluetooth do or lock for Airbnb properties. A smart lock allows you to assign each new visitor a personalized code and quickly delete it when they leave. This small upgrade can create a positive first impression with new visitors who appreciate both the ease of entry and the greater sense of safety.

2. Label Everything

You may know where the coffee filters and the light switches are in your home, but your guests may not find it as intuitive. To streamline their visit and minimize their inquiries, bring a label maker to your property and get after it. The more clearly everything is placed and labeled, the more at ease your guests will be.

3. Create a House Manual

Akin to labeling, a great house manual provides all of the information that your guests could ever desire at their fingertips. Start by welcoming them with a warm greeting and follow that up immediately with your contact information and the wi-fi password in big, bold print. Quickly after that, include the critical house rules, such as check out time and any fees. After this point, you can add your recommendations for attractions, food, shopping, etc. If you have reserved parking spots or particular operation information for some of the rooms, be sure to include that in the manual for their reference. Also, be sure to include a list of emergency services.

4. Add in Extras

The little stuff counts. Think of items that will save your guests some rental fees: If you live near the beach and provide bodyboards and bicycles, maybe even a snorkel. Little extras like this can both increase your chances of a positive review and create loyal customers.

5. Screen Your Guests

It is essential that your guests are comfortable and happy. However, the quality of your guests is vital to your property as well. Bad guests can be destructive or even dangerous. Airbnb offers an “instant booking” feature which does not allow you to screen applicants if it is utilized. If you want to be able to approve who stays, turn that feature off.

If you want to make Airbnb a successful side-gig, do everything you can to minimize the number of inquiries you will receive once guests arrive. Make their entry seamless by installing a Bluetooth door lock instead of a key. Answer every question before it is asked by labeling whatever you can and creating a thorough house manual. If you want to to the additional step, provide little extras they can enjoy for no additional cost. Finally, don’t be afraid to screen your applicants to ensure your guests won’t harm your property. The greater your preparation, the greater your reward.

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