5 Tips to Spruce Up Baby’s Spring Wardrobe


Spring is the perfect time to update your baby’s wardrobe. After you do some cleaning, it’s time to check what types of a baby girl or baby boy clothes you need for the warmer weather. There are many ways to approach seasonal updates, but this list of pointers will help you focus your efforts. With a few tips from experienced parents, you’ll find that freshening up your child’s closet is easy and enjoyable.

1. Switch to Lighter Styles and Fabrics

Cozy sweaters and fleece fabric keep babies snuggly in winter, but they’re a little too toasty for spring weather. When it starts to warm up, you can swap out these cold-weather essentials with soft spring fabrics. Cotton shirts in springtime colors and prints will help to brighten up their style and transition your little one’s wardrobe to a new season.
As you shop for baby shirts, short sleeve and long sleeve shirts will prepare you for a range of spring temperatures. Cotton joggers and sweatpants help to create an effortlessly comfortable and cute outfit. Inspire more spring feelings with bodysuits and pants sets featuring Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits. These mighty one-pieces always make it easy to dress your infant for playdates. Convenient bottom snaps will help with on-the-go diaper changes.

Some of the best fashions in spring baby girl clothes include dresses and skirts, while all infants look precious in denim overalls. Round out your baby’s choice of springtime bottoms with a few pairs of comfy shorts. French terry and gauze material will make their style feel light and versatile, along with traditional cotton and organic cotton fabric.

2. Add Fresh Spring Layers

Layering your baby clothing keeps your little one looking super stylish. Layers are also an excellent way to dress your baby for different types of weather. Short sleeve shirts and bodysuits are a comfy and fashionable foundation for any springtime boy or girl outfit. Top it with a zip-up jacket or a cardigan for staying cozy on a chilly evening or morning.

Finish the look with a pair of pants or leggings and precious accessories like baby shoes or caps. Knit headbands and soft baby socks add even more texture to their outfit. As your family moves through the spring season, you’ll be swapping out those pants for airy tulle skirts and comfy pull-on shorts.

At the beginning of spring, you can buy outfit sets featuring a combination of pants and shorts. You may need to stow away the shorts for some time, but they will come in handy in the months ahead. A couple of outfits in your child’s size will ensure you have the right color combinations to mix and match all your tops and bottoms.

Spring Wardrobe

3. Include Classic Spring Colors

Consider choosing gender-neutral, spring-inspired outfits to make it easy to dress your child for seasonal events. Shades of yellow and light green are perfect for dressing multiples and unisex baby nurseries. These colors also match well with gray and white shirts. Prints like sheep and clouds will help capture the season’s growth and imagination. Classic spring patterns for babies include stripes and polka dots.

When dressing a baby boy, you can have them ready for the great outdoors in trendy spring colors like sky blue or vibrant orange. Pinstripes and animal prints are adorable selections for seasonal outfit sets. Discover cute boys’ clothes with dinosaurs and truck graphics. On-trend styles featuring campfires and rockets will inspire everyone to move and learn.

Have your baby girl express herself with seasonal clothing in pastel pink or purple. Flowers and rainbows are lovely choices for spring photos. You can also shop for fruit prints and tops featuring bunnies and honeybees. Fun stripes and checkered prints are perfect styles for family walks and picnics. Bodysuits and shirts with cute snacks like donuts and peppers will make for a delightful brunch with your baby.

4. Shop for Lightweight Pajamas

As you shop for cute baby outfits for spring, it’s easy to forget about sleepwear. However, your child will need new styles of PJs to help them stay relaxed and comfortable. As you transition out of footed pajamas and fleece, look for new baby pajama sets featuring lightweight cotton shirts and pants.

When it’s cool outside, your baby can wear long sleeves with socks. As it gets warmer, you can remove the footies and switch to a short sleeve bodysuit or tee. Springtime baby pajamas are often available in three-piece or four-piece sets. Pick up a couple of these bundles for seasonal prints and colors. Of course, if your baby sizes up or needs more shorts, you can always add fashions in complementary colors.

Sets featuring baby gowns and caps will help your little one sleep peacefully at night. They also make for easy diaper changes. While gowns are an excellent choice for newborns and infants, you will also find these styles for older babies. From PJs featuring eggs and bacon to bright yellow lemons, there is a cute seasonal print for everyone.

5. Choose a Special Spring Outfit

Now that you have your seasonal basics and baby essentials, it’s time to select a special spring outfit for your child. First, find something sweet that your infant can have on hand for a holiday or a family picture. Zip-front sweaters and Henley sweaters are classic choices for baby boys. As it gets warmer, short sleeve gauze hoodies or a woven plaid shirt is sure to look handsome and pair well with khaki pants or shorts. Canvas pants and light denim jeans are more adorable for a fresh look for little guys.

The spring dress is a fun clothing tradition for many families. To make a statement this season, choose from floral or striped gauze dresses in colors like pink or light blue. Dress and diaper cover sets with matching headbands are always adorable for special events. Sweet cherries and buzzing bees are cute choices for adorning your baby’s outfit.
Short sleeve and long sleeve tulle dresses will make your baby’s outfit look like it’s blooming. If you prefer tops and bottoms for your baby girl, you’ll find cozy sweaters with gorgeous tulle trim. Gauze flutter sleeve tops are lightweight and adorable in warmer weather. Some of the best baby-neutral clothing choices include neutral striped shorts and matching gauze shirts and shorts sets. If cozy clothing and fun graphic tees are more your styles, shop for baby outfits in inspired holiday patterns and colors.

Style for Spring

Dressing Your Baby in Style for Spring

Cleaning out your baby’s closet and freshening up their style for spring will have you feeling more positive and energized. Besides, cute clothes and accessories will make you want to spend more time socializing and enjoy more experiences outside. Your baby’s outfits may even inspire your own spring wardrobe. Create matching outfits for sweet and memorable family photos.

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