11 Inexpensive Stocking Stuffer Ideas

11 Inexpensive Stocking Stuffer Ideas - stocking stuffer ideas for adults

Filling everyone’s stocking is among the most long-lived traditions of Christmas. If you’re playing Santa’s helper this year, be prepared with some fabulous yet inexpensive little gifts to tuck in among the edible goodies. Whether you need some fresh hints or feel pressed for time, the following stocking stuffer ideas will help make the day merrier. Simply tailor your choices to the age and interests of those on your list.

inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas - cheap stocking stuffer ideas under $5
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1. Pint-Sized Puzzles

A mini puzzle is irresistible to many, and it’s an ideal size for stuffing into the personalized stockings on your mantelpiece. From little jigsaws to Rubik’s cubes, a little puzzle is a perfect way to pass the time until the present opening, the day’s main event.

2. Pocket Calendars

The grown-ups on the stocking roster will appreciate this handy scheduling tool throughout the coming year. It’s compact and slips easily from a stocking to a purse or pocket. You can make this stocking stuffer more personal by selecting a style for each person that reflects a special interest. For example, a pocket calendar featuring wildflowers is great for gardeners or naturalists.

3. Palm-Sized Gadgets

From windups to high-tech, palm-sized gadgets appeal to all ages. A toddling chicken windup toy may fascinate a small child while a palm-sized, rechargeable hand warmer is great for the skiers in the family.

4. A Gift to Remember

Commemorate what makes the season special each year by placing personalized Christmas ornaments on the top of each stocking. Some of the occasions to celebrate with these special ornaments include:

● A wedding
● Baby’s first Christmas
● A couple’s first Christmas
● Retirement year
● 50th anniversary
● Family holiday reunion

5. Tantalizing Tickets

A pair of tickets to an entertaining event is always a welcome stocking stuffer. If possible, keep their options open with tickets that are good for several different dates, such as movie passes. Otherwise, check with the gift recipient’s friends or family to see whether they are likely to be free for the date of the event. When purchasing gift tickets, ask about the vendor’s guarantee of authenticity and if the tickets are transferable should the need arise.

6. Gift Cards

Yes, gift cards are the presents people give when they don’t know what to buy. That’s why they work so well as stocking stuffers. They are a compact way to issue an open invitation for recipients to treat themselves to what they want. With a gift card, you can give someone a king-sized present that would never fit into a stocking.

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7. Fancy Toiletries

If you need an intimate stocking stuffer that expresses volumes in a small package, try perfume or another luxury toiletry item. For instance, if you are stuffing your spouse’s stocking, an ounce of that fabulous French scent expresses your intimate sentiments. If you are filling a child’s stocking, think in terms of bubble bath packets, character Band-Aids or play makeup.

8. Perky Pet Toys

Watch your pets’ ears perk up when you hang their custom dog stockings on the mantel right next to your own. When it’s time to fill them up, include a couple of pet toys with treats and chewies. Consider the following factors when choosing toys for your pets:

● Size: a toy too small for your pet could be a choking hazard

● Materials: non-toxic and pet-appropriate

● Safety: toys with squeakers should be rugged and tear-proof

● Activity level: balls and frisbees for more active pets; cuddlers and chews for more sedentary pets

9. It’s in the Cards

A deck of cards fits in nicely among the nuts, tangerines and chocolates in your Christmas stockings. The younger children might like flash cards or animal fact cards the best. For older kids, try sports cards or other collectible packs. All ages love to engage in card games, from Go Fish to Uno, so go ahead and add some of these to the stocking mix.

10. Romance in a Stocking

The holiday season enjoys a long tradition of fellowship and good cheer. It’s a great time of year to act sentimental and show how much you care. Tuck a romantic gift into your significant other’s stocking for an impactful expression of your love. Some excellent options include:

● A personalized piece of jewelry with an intimate inscription

● A hand-made coupon book for treats like a massage, a couples spa day and breakfast in bed

● Aromatic candles or lotion

● A keychain from your honeymoon site

● A gift certificate for a romantic meal

11. Gag Gift Stocking Stuffers

Inspire some laughter this year by secreting a gag gift in someone’s stocking. Humorous options include chocolate-covered coal for the naughty and goofy gadgets like nose-shaped pencil sharpeners. The funniest micro gifts will appeal to the recipient’s sense of humor as well as your own.

Gag Gift Stocking Stuffers - unique candy stocking stuffers
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Stuff Your Stockings with Holiday Cheer

Whether you are going for the fun, the sentimental or the humorous route, a well-stuffed stocking is an ideal way to kick off a wonderful holiday. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, either. Your investment in terms of imagination and time is by far the most valuable gift you can give to your loved ones this Christmas season.


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