How to Make Your Lounge Look More Expensive

Expensive Tv Lounge

Did you know that making your lounge look more expensive doesn’t have to cost the earth? Most experienced interior designers will tell you that it’s the clever tricks rather than the money splashed out on a room that bring an expensive edge to a space. All of which is a great relief to hear when you’d love a high-end lounge: the type of living room that could belong in an interiors magazine or the ones in your Pinterest living room board. But who really has vast amounts of spare cash at hand?

In this in-depth article, discover 6 ways to create an expensive-looking living room. From the magic of simply decluttering a room and choosing only three shades to decorating with hardwood flooring and displaying stunning artwork, there are so many ways to up your living room game without having to break the bank! Ready to up the classy scale at home? Then here we go…

1. Declutter – free and effective

Who knew that making your lounge look more expensive would begin with a Marie Kondo session? By simply decluttering and organizing a space, you can completely transform the look of any room. Afterall, when you look around an expensive showhome or look at your favorite ‘gram interiors influencers, are there toys spread across the floor? Rows and rows of photographs cluttering the window sill? Coats and jumpers thrown over the back of your sofa? No. Instead, the space is more focused on the statement furniture and the few precious, personal items on show.

Begin decluttering by piling all unnecessary items in one (hopefully not too huge) pile. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this trinket box full of unnecessary stuff?” “Is it time I donated this huge tea set that I never use?” If you really don’t feel a lot for the item, is there any point in having it anymore? Once having done all this, you will be surprised at the difference in your room after doing this for every item.

Also, be organized and decide where to keep the items you often use. For instance, there’s no point in hiding away the remote controls, magazines or your latest knitting project because you will need them again as soon as you sit down to relax! For instance, choose a pretty tray for on top of your pouffe to always keep remote controls in. Have a wicker basket by your side of the sofa with your latest craft project inside. Not forgetting a sleek and stylish metal magazine rack to keep your latest copies of Vogue inside! Remember, the living room is a well-used space that has to be practical as well as looking expensive. And the way to achieve this is organization and decluttering.

2. Be minimal – only have 3 tones throughout

One way to achieve an expensive-looking lounge is to be minimal in your sense of style as well. Often expensive rooms are made to last and aren’t too “fashionable” or trendy. This is to avoid the need to redecorate in just a few years’ time – nobody has the time for that! One way to do this is to keep things simple by only choosing only three tones (at the most) to decorate with.

For instance, in this luxurious and relaxing living room, the three tones are off-white, grey and woody-brown. Any more colors in this gorgeous seating area would start to take away the expensive-looking edge to this space. Always begin with the color white then add your two extra layers. White, terracotta and grey. White, navy and gold. White, sage-green and woody-brown, etc. To be a true minimalist, only stick to neutral tones. Not only visually pleasing, simple shades are warm, welcoming and reduce feelings of stress. So a living room that is expensive looking and calming? What more could anybody want?

3. Display bold artwork

If you truly want to upscale your living room, then the best way to do this is by displaying striking artwork. Often bold and colorful modern art is the best option if you want to create the impression of a beautiful art gallery. Sometimes mixing old art with modern furniture and new art with antique pieces creates the perfect contrast that adds another level of class to any space.

If you go for framed art, the bigger the better. Find affordable copies of works of art and frame them yourself. Or if you are creative, why not have a go at creating your own artwork? Simply buy a large canvas and see where your inner artist takes you. Why not splash paint onto the canvas for a Pollock-inspired piece? Or why not go really big and adorn an entire wall with an artistic mural? Whether creative geometric patterned designs, classic works of art by Monet, a vintage-inspired jungle landscape or antique paintings by Japanese artists, offers a wide range of murals if you want inspiration.

4. Install hardwood flooring

I don’t know what it is, but as soon as a living room has hardwood flooring, the expensive levels go up another notch! As long as they are well varnished and gleaming, they always offer a sense of class to any space. When choosing a wood stain, choose a darker shade that will add a deep, mahogany tone to the wooden flooring. Even if you have had to cut the costs and choose cheaper wood panel alternatives, a dark stain will still give that expensive look you are striving for. Once having done this, choose a select few wooden furniture items in a similar tone so that this warm shade flows throughout the room. For instance, in the room above, the dark unit and the wood of the couch work wonderfully with this vintage wooden floor.

If you want to be even more economical, there are a wide range of wood effect flooring options such as linoleum and vinyl. Both trick the eye in making you think they are real wood but still offer the warmth that hardwood gives to a room. From panelled floors, diagonal, swallowtail, decking, cubical alternating, herringbone and even floor mosaics, there are so many faux wooden floor options to choose from!

For those of you who do take the leap and embrace hardwood on your living room floor, do make sure there is an ultra-cozy rug underneath your couch. This will keep your toes warm in those colder months and create even more of a sense of homeliness in your stylish lounge. Always choose a rug that is larger than your couch. Choosing a small one will only make the space appear smaller which is something you don’t want when making a room look high-end.

5. Always have fresh flowers

When visiting a show home or staying in a luxurious suite, there is always a vase of beautiful fresh flowers on display. As well as the obvious beauty, the scent of freshly cut flowers will bring a luxe ambiance to your living room. If you have a large room, go for a big floral display. If not, don’t do this as this will only make your living room appear smaller.

There are many perfect spots to place your expensive-looking flowers. First of all, on the coffee table. Often this table is the center of the room and the flowers will only help to draw the eye and focus to this central area. And when you have guests round, they will be able to sit near and enjoy your flower arrangement. Secondly, a console or sideboard table. Place the floral piece centrally on the top and this again will make a showstopping feature in the room. Alternatively, a free window sill, an empty hearth or a mantelpiece are all wonderful options to display your pretty flowers.

And remember, you don’t need to spend lots every time. Why not see what offers your local store or market has on? Even if some of the flowers are dying, just buy a couple of affordable bouquets, throw the bad ones away and create your own floral arrangement.!

6. Add metallic accents

If you want to add the cherry on top to your expensive-looking living room, then metallic accents are key. Paired with a neutral color scheme, metals give a crisp edge and stylish touch to any space. And the beauty of metals is that there is such a range of popular tones currently in the world of interior design. From pink hinted rose golds, warm copper, luxurious yellow gold and modern silver.

There are a few ways to add metal touches. Firstly, there are a collection of brassy furniture items available such as glass and metal shelving units, coffee tables, cabinets and more. Choose any items such as this to make a big statement with metal decor. Alternatively, you can add small touches of metal accents with room accessories. Copper-toned candle holders, a vase or a small lamp would all add an expensive touch to your living room.

To end with…

Making your living room look expensive has never been easier or ironically, more affordable. It’s all about following styling guidelines, finding inexpensive alternatives and keeping things simple so that they stand the test of time. Which of the 6 tips will you follow to give your lounge a luxe, new update?

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