Easy Steps and Tips on How to Diaper a Baby

How to Diaper a Baby

Changing your baby’s diaper can be  a lot difficult and tiring as your baby might make it dirty the second you change his/ her diaper. Well changing diaper is not that difficult for some but for the new parents, well they just need to time to become a pro in it. Here we will give you few steps for how to diaper a baby and also some tips that may help you to become a pro in it.

Easy steps on How to Diaper a Baby

The very first thing required for how to diaper a baby is to make sure that all your supplies are in place and ready.

These supplies include clean diapers, cotton, warm water, wipes, clean cloth and a rash cream.
Lay a clean cloth and put your baby on her back on it. Make sure you hold your baby and not let him/her do any sudden movements.

Wipe your baby from front to back carefully. Now some parents may find wipes useful for the cleaning while some may find clean cloth soaked in warm water. In the end it all depends on you whether you like that method useful or the other one. Do an experiment from both the methods and find your best one.

Diaper rash can be a lot problematic for you baby. In order to avoid this let your baby dry up or use a dry piece of cloth to dry him/her up. Apply rash cream on your baby’s rashy areas.

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Now for the first step unfold a clean diaper and lay it under your baby. Pull the front of diaper between his/her legs and fasten it up.

These were the steps on how to diaper a baby. Now in order to master diapering your baby here are some tips.

1) Always make sure that you wash your hands before and after changing your baby’s diaper. Also wash your baby’s hands after changing his/ her diaper.

2) Before disposing up the dirty diaper, make sure you roll them up as they contain a lot of mess and odor.

3) Always make sure that when diapering your baby, there is a piece of cloth lying on your baby’s genitals in order to avoid any sudden discharge and further mess.

4) Diaper stations can be really helpful when diapering your baby. Just like ordinary stations make up diaper stations in your house and always keep them equipped with supplies you need. This may help you not running up and down searching for different supplies.

5) One major tip is to make sure you keep your baby distracted while changing his/her diaper. Sing a song to him/her or let him/ her play with a toy while you are changing the diaper.

6) Also double check when changing your baby’s diaper. Poop may have landed on his/her feet or legs so wipe it up by a wet cloth.

7) Also make sure that you hold his/her legs tightly as they might start kicking you while you are changing their diaper.

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