Family Adventures on Four Wheels: Get a New SUV for Your Active Lifestyle

Get a New SUV for Your Active Lifestyle

When you and your family have an active lifestyle, driving from one place to the next while trying to fit everyone and everything inside the vehicle can be an exercise in futility. Make a positive change before heading out on your next adventure by checking out a larger vehicle that will suit your upcoming escapades. Consider the following questions when looking for an SUV.

How Many Seats Will You Need?

One of the easiest ways to narrow down the abundance of available sport utility vehicles on the market today is to determine the number of seats you will need. Look for a new Toyota for sale with the right number and type of seating to suit your recreation needs.

For example, if you have two adults and three kids in your family, obviously you will need at least five seats. Should you want to invite grandma and grandpa or your kids’ friends along, more seats are necessary. In that case, consider an eight-seater SUV to ensure everybody has a place on your next adventure.

Will You Need a Roof or Bike Rack?

Depending on what types of activities you and your family like to partake in, you may need storage and transport options positioned outside your SUV. Think bicycles, kayaks, and rooftop cargo carriers. Instead of renting equipment at your destination, bring your own bikes and other gear with you.

Assess how many kayaks, to use that example again, you routinely travel with or rent, and then check out the list of potential SUVs on the market that will fit your transportation needs. Read the specifications to determine how the roof rack can be configured to go between bicycles and kayaks depending on the type of adventure you’ll go on next.

What Is the Towing Capacity?

Perhaps what you and your family truly enjoy is getting out into the fresh air. If camping is part of your family dynamic and you have a pop-up camper that requires towing, you need to take that into consideration. You want your new SUV to be able to handle pulling any weight behind it while still navigating off-road terrain and uphill climbs to the vistas and buttes that will offer you the most breathtaking views of the world around you.

The easiest way to ensure you have a new SUV that has the capabilities aligned to your lifestyle is to purchase one with a standard tow package. This option ensures that the towing capacity you need will be factory-installed to the vehicle’s specifications. When you opt for an integrated towing package with the purchase, you know that your camper or boat will arrive safely with your vehicle for an easy ride for everyone.

Are You Ready to Support Your Active Lifestyle?

As you are considering a new SUV purchase, take stock of how you and your family live your collective lives. Since you are an active and adventurous bunch, it stands to reason that you should find the best SUV to accommodate what you love doing together.

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