Festival Checklist: What To Take To A Festival


It’s official: festival season is in full swing! Whether you’re chilling out at a local festival or heading to some of the big players like Glastonbury or V, packing is essential. If you like to leave things to the last minute, don’t fear! Fulton Umbrellas has created this handy festival checklist; pack your backpack full of these and we guarantee you’ll be set whatever the weather!

18 Items you Must Have in your Check List in a Festival

Dry Shampoo — you might be in the middle of a field, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have great hair!

Sunhat — the British weather is interchangeable, so pack a hat for when the sun’s out to avoid sunstroke.

Umbrellas — rain is synonymous with festivals. Don’t forget your brolly — check out our designer range for one that will stand out from the crowd.

Wellies — an obvious one, but essential none the less!

Waterproof Jacket — keep dry and pack a waterproof jacket for when the heaven’s open.

Reusable Water Bottle — festivals usually provide water stations, so you can dodge those high prices and fill up for free.

Torch — finding your way back to the tent can be difficult; a torch will help.

Tent & sleeping equipment—pop-up tents are great for taking the hassle out of pitching. You’ll also need an airbed or roll mat, sleeping bag and pillows.

Sun Lotion — make protecting your skin a priority and pack an SPF.

ID — festivals are tough on under-age drinking, so prove your old enough and take along your ID.

Toilet Roll—don’t rely on those portable toilets

Wet Wipes — perfect for freshening up after a day of dancing.

Phone charger — how else are you going to share all those photos if your battery dies? Most festivals provide charging points.

Towel — if the heavens open during the last act of the day, a towel will help you dry off before bed.

Camping Chairs — more comfortable than grass, pack some if you’re camping at a festival.

Earplugs — noisy neighbours be gone!

Sunglasses — a festival must-have that makes it easier for you to catch all of the on-stage action.

Bin Bags — throw a couple of bin bags in your backpack to collect your rubbish during and after your festival fun.

With the essentials in place, you’re all set for having the time of your life, whatever festival you attend!

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