An Open Letter to Beauty Product Manufacturers


We live in a time when there’s no shortage of products, especially in the beauty industry. There’s a huge market of men and women who are willing to invest in looking and feeling their best. As a result, beauty is a $445 billion industry. It suffices to say, the beauty business is booming.

Finding the best skin products and beauty products now requires searching through dozens, or even hundreds, of options. Everyday consumers have to learn about the molecular benefits of ingredients and comb through reviews to figure out which product to chose.

Or maybe you’re one of the thousands of moms who are launching an at-home beauty business. According to Forbes, the beauty industry is a great place for female entrepreneurs.

Either way, you should be aware of what your customers want and what matters most. Here’s What We Consumers Want

We Want to Know That a Product Will Deliver Results

With so many beauty products on the market that are little more than overpriced moisturizers or cleansers, efficacy is a top priority. Virtually every woman has been burned by a beauty product that does zilch.

One way to prove that your goods deliver as promised is by enlisting the help of a beauty product testing company. These are third-party companies that will verify product claims, as determined by actual users, through various testing methodologies. Once you’ve proven the claims, prominently display them on the product packaging and web pages so consumers know that it was tested for effectiveness.

It’s amazing what a huge difference a few statistics can make in purchasing decisions. It helps consumers find quality products, and it helps the business make sales.

We Want Products That Are More Natural

Thanks to the Internet and 24-hour media consumption, consumers are now more aware of what they put in and on their bodies. When you become a mom you become even more hypersensitive about brining chemical-laced products into your home.

If there are natural alternatives to harsh synthetic ingredients opt for the gentler of the two. Most consumers are willing to pay a little more for them.

There’s no FDA approval for cosmetics for consumers to fall back on. Manufacturers should be upfront and honest about the ingredients so consumers can make the healthiest choices.

We Want to Know Where Products Are Made

Playing off the point above, another important factor is where beauty products are made. Each country has its own regulations for how beauty products are made. Here in the U.S., the FDA does have two regulations that apply to the beauty and cosmetics industry. In other countries, the regulations are less certain.

We Want Bang for Our Buck – A.K.A. Value

The vast majority of American families live paycheck to paycheck. We’re all looking for value when we spend our hard-earned cash, even when it’s for discretionary purchases. Value is about delivering results, but it’s also about quantity and convenience.

If your product has a high price point you’ve got to explain how the value justifies the cost. Consumers want to know that if they drop the cash the purchase will be worth it.

We Want Ease of Use Over Fancy Packaging

Is it me, or are beauty product containers getting more complicated these days? Either they’re overly decorative or it takes a special trick to make the dispenser work. While nice packaging is appreciated, it’s not a top priority for most consumers.

Trader Joe’s is a perfect example. The chain grocer offers a selection of natural and organic foods at affordable prices. How do they do it? One way is no-frills packaging.

We consumers would rather a business sink money into the quality of the product rather than fancy packaging. After all, if the product works the packaging will just end up at the recycling plant.

If you take the points above into consideration your marketing efforts should hit home with more beauty product consumers. Put emphasis on natural ingredients that deliver real results for a fair price and you’ve got yourself a winning beauty product.


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