Top 10 Beauty Hacks for Summer

face beauty hacks for summer

Girls who love makeup, there are few issues you may encounter in this heat. I want to let you know my top 10 most amazing beauty hacks for summers (hot temperatures) and all the other little problems that can be faced in summer.

1. Wear Nude Fishnet Tights with Hot Pants

This hack doesn’t necessarily serve those who have absolutely flawless legs but for those who feel uncomfortable about showing their legs in summer, but still they want to feel like wear hot pants or short skirts. I’m telling you nude fishnet tights are the answer. They give your legs a very toned appearance. You will still look summer appropriate. Also, they are like normal tights

2. Use Coconut Oil on your Heels

Coconut Oil

Summer is definitely the season for open back shoes, heels, stilettos etc which however also means that bare heels expose a lot. For those of you who have struggled with dry or cracked heels, coconut oil can be really a game changer because it’s an excellent remedy for relieving cracks in your feet and making them smooth again.

3. Mix up Foundation Shades

You should mix up the dark and light foundation shades in summer. Most of us know the trouble of getting tanned during summer and suddenly not having the right foundation to match your new skin tone anymore. Instead of buying 20 new shades of foundations for various stages of tanning, get an additional foundation shade which is much darker than your natural tone. Pretty much dark as you get. By mixing it up with your regular foundation, you can make it perfectly match your new tannest tone.

4. DIY Beauty Mist

You must refresh yourself with DIY beauty mist. Beauty mists are super handy during the hot summer days. Unfortunately most of them are quite over prized. So this hack is a little bit DIY mist that is just the freshest thing you will ever experience. Just take an empty spray bottle. Fill it up with some cucumber slices and some mint leaves. Top it up with cold water. Voila you have made your own refreshing beauty mist.

5. Soothe Razor Burns with Chamomile Tea Bags

Razor Burns and Tea Bags

During summer, girls tend to shave much more frequently than the rest of year which can leave areas of the skin irritating and red, which as a result doesn’t look great. To avoid that, take freshly boiled chamomile tea bags. Let them cool down. You can put it on a fridge as well. Place them on the shaved areas. This will soothe the skin before it will get the chance to get inflamed. Hence it will give you a nice healthy appearance.

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6. Use Powdery Products

Powdery Products

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You should use dry products completely in summer. Summer beauty hack is to replace creamy products with the powdery products or those who dry completely. Summer will tend to sweat a lot more. Creamy products tend to smudge or eradicated really quickly. So, especially for things like eyeliner or maybe lipstick, I recommend either liquid eyeliner that dries out completely. Or you can just use eye shadow to line your eye.

7. DIY Exfoliater for Smoother Shave

Girls shave really frequently during summer. Exfoliater becomes crucial because not only removes dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It also helps you to achieve smoother skin. My favorite DIY exfoliating hack is very easy to make. Just mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 3 tablespoons of honey and half a cup of sugar. Massage it onto the area you want to shave i.e. your legs. Apply it and wash it off. Now you can shave well. I guarantee you that your legs will feel super smooth afterwards.

8. Mattify with Blotting Paper

Especially in hot summer days, we tend to use much more facial oils which first of all mess with our makeup and secondly can give us really shiny patches. I recommend treating those oily areas with blotting paper then constantly applying beauty powder. Blotting paper takes the grease away. Especially during summer, makeup should look too peaky.

9. Use Fake Tan

It works really well, especially for pale people. Instead of wearing a heavy foundation that is probably going to smudge your face skin on hot days, I recommend you to apply face tanner the night before and then skip the foundation routine completely. Just apply a little bit of beauty powder on face. The fake tan looks super healthy and fresh. However, it warms up all day.


10. Use Waterproof Mascara

Beauty Hacks

I know it’s a very obvious one, but still, a lot of people never think of it. Waterproof mascara is going to be your best friend during summer not actually when you go for swimming, general when the air is very humid. You sweat a lot. You do workouts. This stays perfectly and there is no need to look bear anymore during summer. So get yourself some waterproof mascara.

I personally use all these hacks which I recommended and they actually work. They help me a lot in summer. I really hope that it goes the same for you.

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