Hi New Mommies- Here are Some Tips to Take Care of your Infant!

Take Care

Every new parent is afraid when they think of how to Take Care of their newest family member. You went through pregnancy, endured exhausting labor, and brought that cute little baby home. Now, it’s the most challenging part that comes after. And that’s to take care of infants who are definitely not easy as they look.

Taking care of a newborn baby isn’t something that you can get from an owner’s manual. Those tiny, needy creatures need a lot more love and care than you expected. But no matter how challenging and tiring being a new parent is, you are probably going to be just fine.

Babies are built to last. They are much stronger than their parents give them credit for. But you being you want everything to be best for your little one. And that’s fine. It’s part of being a caring and responsible parent. From dressing them into cute onesies and feeding them right, sometimes things might get a little overwhelming.

So, you’ve probably read everything in your parenting book “what to expect when you’re expecting?” Here’s a quick revision for all those newbie mommies that can help them take care of their infants.

No matter how much you practiced on a doll during your pregnancy days, dressing up a baby is definitely not easy. It is indeed a struggle to get those tiny arms and legs through the sleeves. Those naughty little creatures would shriek or maybe even cry to protest through the entire process. Babies don’t exactly like being pulled or pushed through the garment. But that’s the way it is! It would be a lot convenient for you if you hold the baby on your lap for changing the upper half of the body and lay him/her on the changing table for the other half.

And let’s not forget how cute and fashionable they look in those cute dinosaur hooded onesies that are exclusively designed to comfort your little monster. You can also finish the look with those adorable footies. With so many designs, colors, and sizes available, turn your baby into a t-rex, take gazillion pictures for your Instagram, and leave everyone awe-spiring.

  • There is Nothing like “too many” Essentials.

It definitely takes a village to raise a child. And when you are taking care of one, you seldom get time to shop for your little one. Therefore, it is better to stock up on essentials such as teethers, formula, backpacks, bathroom essentials, and everything else that your baby needs now or in the near future so that whenever your baby is in need of literally anything, you are all stocked up.

And yes, don’t you forget to install a car seat for your little one. It ensures the safety of your baby when he/she is traveling with you. Also, don’t skimp on teethers because it will help soothe your baby’s gums at around 3 to 8 months of age when teeth start coming in. Sucking on good quality teethers help in easing the pain while tooth eruption and swollen gums.

So, it is better to have everything stocked at home than to take an emergency trip to the store every time your baby needs something.

  • Never Run Out of Toys

When your baby enters the grabbing and scooting phase, it is better to surround him/her with some toys. You’ll be surprised to know that the best toys are designed exclusively to engage your baby’s senses and help in sparking his/her imagination. For instance, playing with building blocks can help in developing his/her motor skills and strengthen hand-eye coordination. From cognitive, emotional, and social to physical development, babies learn half of the things while playing with their toys.

In fact, holding a teddy bear or any other soft toy in front of your 2-month-old child during playtime is the best way to help him/her with head, the core visual, and neck development.

You can start by installing those cute nursery mobiles hanging over your baby’s crib. It will not only calm and soothe your baby but will also help in giving a boost to his/her brain. According to pediatricians, sensory interaction is very important for infants and toddlers, and setting up baby mobiles over the crib can do more than making your nursery look cool and cute.

  • Get Feeding Supplies

Get Feeding Supplies

Yeah! You filled your pantry with formula and baby food; by feeding supplies, we are referring to getting those cute little bottles and plates, especially made for infants to enjoy their food. But make sure you don’t go for plastic bottles and plates, but it will affect your little one’s health in the long run. The chemicals act as poison for your baby’s organs and health.

You can go for bamboo plates and cutlery so that your baby doesn’t get poisoned while feeding. Cutlery made up of wood is soft enough to soothe your little one’s ouchy gums without messing up with his/her mouth and teeth. And let’s not forget wood is a sustainable material and environmentally friendly. So, it is a win-win for everyone.

To Sum it All Up!

Now that was all the cute stuff we were talking about until now. If your baby younger than two months starts experiencing fever, then it is definitely a sign of serious illness.

According to pediatricians, if your little one’s temperature hits 100.4𝆩 F or more, then it is time to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Other than this, it is essential for you to watch for other signs of illness such as pain, changes in feeding, or sleeping patterns, then call your pediatrician regardless of your baby’s temperature.

Everyone new Mommie or parents think that they might screw up while taking care of their little bundle of joy, and that’s normal. So, this article might not be able to clear up all your doubts because taking care of a baby is an endless topic. You learn every day, and the tips mentioned above can give you a headstart.


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