Keep Toys Out of Landfill With Rubbish Removal from Clearabee

Rubbish Removal

Keep Toys Out of Landfill With Rubbish Removal from Clearabee

As we become increasingly aware of environmental issues and the various human behaviours that are contributing towards climate change, it is important to try to take steps to limit the damage we do. One of the ways people can go about this is by making changes Teaching your kids to rubbish removal habits, as keeping certain items away from landfill is crucial.

While many people are aware of the benefits of recycling electronic items, they often take a more relaxed approach when dealing with items like kids’ toys. Yet, toys are responsible for significant damage and the problems are especially bad when you are disposing of plastic or battery-operated toys, which are often destined for landfill.

One of the best ways people in the UK can fix this problem is by using an environmentally conscious rubbish removal company, like Clearabee, especially when throwing out large quantities of toys at once.

The Environmental Impact of Toys

The environmental damage caused by toys being improperly disposed of is significant, and ranges from the leaking of harmful gases like methane and ethylene into the environment during degradation, through to the release of toxins when heavy metals mix with ground water, which is especially problematic when toys with batteries end up in landfill.

Additionally, many plastic items end up being incinerated during the disposal process, resulting in vast and hugely damaging CO2 emissions, effectively poisoning the earth’s atmosphere.

Rubbish Removal

Of course, a major reason why toys cause such harm is because they are disposable by nature. Children grow out of toys quickly, or lose interest in them as fads come and go, leading to parents throwing them out. Indeed, according to research from the British Heart Foundation, a quarter of parents admit throwing out toys that are in perfect working order, while the average child has four toys they have never played with at all.

Most parents buy toys for their children with the best of intentions – they want their child to be happy, so they buy toys, and they throw them out when children are done with them, with little thought to how they are disposed of. However, the cruel irony is that in trying to make our children happy, many of us are harming their future.

Responsible Rubbish Removal

While there are certain things that parents can do to minimise the damage, such as passing toys down to other children, selling them to other parents, or donating them to charity shops, the reality is that rubbish removal is still necessary and the most convenient way to get rid of unwanted toys. So what can be done to help?

Perhaps the single biggest step parents can take is to turn to responsible companies like Clearabee for removing their unwanted or unused toys. Indeed, with Clearabee, 95 percent of the household rubbish collected from customers is diverted away from landfill, while the company planted more than 6,500 trees in 2018 in an effort to be carbon neutral.

Driving distances are kept to a minimum and both upcycling and recycling techniques are used to keep as many of your unwanted toys away from landfill as possible. In some areas, the company has even managed to achieve close to 100 percent landfill diversion, helping to greatly reduce the damage that toys are able to cause.

Increasingly, toy manufacturers are also coming to terms with the environmental damage that some of their products can cause, which has resulted in a move away from some of the most harmful materials. Through a combination of more responsible manufacturing and more responsible disposal, we can provide a better future for the next generation.

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