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Birthday celebration is an unusual occasion that occurs once in a life of a person’s life in which friends and relatives gather to commemorate the event by sharing some drinks and giving away gifts to the birthday guy. Planning a perfect birthday is not an easy job and it can be amusing as well as demanding thing to carry out. A perfect birthday function can be remembered for years to come. So it is the ultimate objective of the host to make that event as lively as possible. So here are some points to remember before planning and executing perfect a birthday party:

Location and Food Menu

Ponder deeply on where you want the party to be held. Go for the house indoors if you want a small and informal party otherwise you can choose a restaurant or a banquet hall for a formal function. Always prepare a backup spot if the weather goes bad if you are celebrating an outdoor party. Don’t just focus on the cake but also stress on other food items. Make sure you select the items which are best-lovedby the birthday person and the guests. Decide if you want to make all food by yourself or you desire to buy from shops.

Invitations and Guest List

Prepare a guest list and keep record of all the visitors you are inviting. Make sure you don’t neglect any one and do consult the birthday boy or girl to whom they want to invite to the party. Be ready to have extra food and items in case someone decide to bring an extra person with him. Be creative in sending out the invitations to the guests. You can buy invitation cards from the stores or can be innovative to create alluring handmade cards which can save you some money as well.


Determine if you want to have a themed party and if it is the case then select invitations, food, decorations and sports according to the theme. You can choose different themes like pool party, beach party, sports theme. Also make sure to tell your guests about the theme of the party and what to where accordingly.

Games and Leisure Activities

Arrange games and sports to keep the guests entertained. You can play games like Poker, Truth and Dare, Cards, Ludo with grownups. For kids, you can bring outside entertainment but you can also buy costume to be clowns and superheroes.


In a theme party you can decorate according to the theme. If not a themed party, you can select items like ribbons, balloons, snow sprays, banners according to the birthday person’s choice. You can choose cool party disco lights to make your function more colorful. For kids you can make different cartoon characters of paper and cardboard as it will greatly appeal them. Atmosphere of the party can influence the guests greatly so make the decorations endearing.

In the end, a perfect party can be a lovely memory for the birthday person and remembering it can make him happy for years to come. All what matters is the fact that he/she and other guests have real fun.

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