Top Tips for Moving to a New State

Top Tips for Moving to a New State - moving to a new state checklist

A long-distance move is a big deal and requires some careful planning in order to be a success.

From the very earliest stages, there are some things you should be doing in order to help you make the right decisions, avoid stress and stay on top of everything that needs doing.

Here are five tips to help you think through it and survive the process.

Do Your Research

First of all, before you decide to move, you need to make sure of the choice you’re making. Living with uneasiness and uncertainty can cause stress and anxiety, so you need to get familiar with your options and the consequences of each decision.

For example, you can find real estate for sale in Utah and market info here, or you can spend some time researching the housing and job markets for whichever state you’re considering moving to.

Consider the Cost of Living

Financial security is vital to all of us, so you need to be aware that the cost of living can differ vastly from city to city, not to mention from state to state!

Working out whether or not you can afford to move to whichever state you’re considering should be one of your very first steps. Simply use an online cost of living calculator to help you make an assessment of the changes you might face if you move.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Money is a crucial factor, but so is your happiness! Certain regions are just more compatible with certain lifestyles, and you need to consider these before moving. When it comes to your lifestyle, think about the way you live and what your day-to-day looks like.

For example, if you love to go for a run after work, will you feel safe doing so in your area? Do you need to live in a place where you have quick and easy access to loads of retail shops? Are you willing to take on a long commute and deal with heavy traffic? These are all things that will impact your moving decision.

Budget Your Move Carefully

We have already discussed that you’ll need to consider your monthly budget and expenses in a new state, but don’t forget to plan the financial aspect of the move itself too!

Moving can be expensive, and there is a lot to account for. From travel and transporting your belongings to documents, admin, and even short-term accommodation, there’s plenty to plan. Budgeting is one of the critical factors in a stress-free move, so make sure you handle it early on.

Stay on Top of Admin

Finally, if you want to keep your head on your shoulders, make sure that you stay organized and up to date when it comes to moving admin.

This can range from lease agreements and insurance to new school applications for the kids and even getting a new car. Any documentation that you might need to be handled – get it handled ASAP and keep your documents organized in one location.


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