The schooling system as we know it has come a long way. However, we may not have predicted how well-rounded the education system would become two decades ago. Education isn’t just curriculum delivery and course content now; it’s so much more than that. This is a major step in the right direction for students worldwide who now have greater learning potential through a well-rounded education system.

Though we have come a long way, there are a few kinks in the system that need to be ruled out. These are factors that need to be addressed to ensure that the system works like the well-oiled machine that it is. This article addresses how schools can improve the quality of education, especially in the primary sector.

Here are some ways schools and teachers can improve the quality of primary education and set the foundation for senior classes as well.

Ensure teachers have an education of their own.

One of the major mistakes schools made in the past was hiring teachers with the most basic levels of education. Without a strong educational foundation, teachers in 2023 may not be able to guide their students efficiently. Perhaps in the past, something like this could have slid by, and students would still have had good careers, but now it’s best if teachers give students a holistic learning experience.

Hence, teachers need higher education to support their work and progress in their careers. Online education has allowed teachers to enroll in diverse programs without taking a break from their professional life.

As a teacher, you could enroll in an online elementary curriculum education degree to help add to your credentials. Not only is this something that helps your resume stand out and grow in your career, but it will also help enhance your skills as a teacher.

Teacher training programs

Schools should offer training programs a few times a year, especially when onboarding people who don’t have a teaching background. Teachers, too, should take an active role in finding and enrolling in training programs if the school isn’t offering one. Not only does this help them navigate daily life in school, but like a degree in education, it adds to your credentials and makes you look good on paper.

Primary school teacher training is considerably different from something like high school. Therefore, it would be a good idea to pursue the most appropriate form of training if you see yourself pursuing a future in education.

Dealing with little children has its fair share of challenges. Moreover, primary school is the first place a child might show signs of learning/ intellectual disability. Hence, it is important for new teachers to receive training and identify learning issues early.
Encourage extracurriculars from a young age.

Focusing too heavily on academics can lead children to burn out fast and cause mental issues early in their lives. Letting them engage in activities they truly enjoy is a good way to balance the stress and keep them looking forward to something they enjoy. Students may typically develop an aversion to school because it is too focused on academics.

Now schools encourage students to pick extra activities that they enjoy. Universities give students scholarships based on their skills in certain activities as well. However, though schools encourage students and try their best to ensure that they pursue different hobbies, they do lack in one area: proper investment. Some schools need to invest in better sports facilities, music rooms, art studios, and other extra-curricular functions.

Ensuring students get the best support from a young age is key to developing their skills. The first step is encouragement; the second is giving them the resources to excel. They will manage the rest themselves.

Introduce technology, but not too much.

Some schools don’t have much technology usage in the classroom at all, and some focus on it too much. Finding the right balance is key if you want students to adjust to the tech bubble we currently find ourselves in. Pupils need to know how to use technology yet not rely too heavily on it in their everyday lives. Screen addiction is a very real issue for younger children who spend less time playing outside and more time playing behind a screen.

Students should know how to use basic search engines and MS office software and navigate a computer in general. However, relying too heavily on technology and encouraging them to submit work online in primary school may be a bit far-fetched.
Keeping the right balance is something curriculum developers and school staff need to consider when delivering education to primary school children.

Don’t forget to have fun

Schools must let teachers act the way they want to around children. There are a ton of sanctions on students in terms of how to behave etc. But few of us realize how senior staff can micromanage teachers as well.

Sometimes goofing around with the kids and simply having a good laugh isn’t that bad. It helps build a bond with students that can also strengthen the education processes. Kids want to have fun in primary school while learning, so why not let them?

Teachers are some of the most important figures in a child’s life after their immediate caregivers. Therefore, it is extremely common for students to develop a bond with their teachers. There is nothing wrong with that as long as the teachers remain professional and use it to help students in their academic journey.


This article applies to teachers as well as school administrative staff. We hope that the desired stakeholders have taken away something positive from this article and consider the factors mentioned to help improve the quality of primary education. During simpler times, the criteria for hiring teachers were different. Schools would hire individuals who might have been simply the best in their respective subjects. However, as the world continues to evolve at a fast pace, children need to keep up and so do teachers. Instructors and leaders of 2023 need to understand that education is much more than textbook studying now.
The tips mentioned above can go a long way in helping schools create a more holistic learning environment and encourage development from a young age.


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