The Effects of Mold on Your Home and Your Health

Mold Removal Tips

We all understand that mold in our houses is a horrific thing – but exactly how terrible is it in your health and your own home itself?

Mold is fungi that grow in filaments and replicate by releasing spores that can pass through the air. Mold reproduces by producing tiny spores that are undetectable to the naked eye. It can develop when mold spores in the air land on a moist surface.

Where can you find mold?

Mold is frequently found indoors, especially in basements and shower stalls. You can identify it by doing a test. What is mold testing? An inspector conducts a mold inspection by examining the air or a surface to specify what kind of mold is present. After the samples are collected from the air or the soil, they are sent to a laboratory for analysis. This data is vital for identifying the nature of mold emerging and the steps that must be taken to eliminate it.

How is mold testing performed?

I’m sure you’ve wondered how the tests are carried out. Our mold remediation Dayton Ohio team will explain the process to you. Two methods can be done. The first one is by air samples. Stains are added to the mold until the spore trap is sent to the lab for analysis. The second is by surface samples. It can be taken in two phases: bulk, swab, or tape. Through bulk samples, a physical sample of the affected region is taken and sent to the lab. A cotton swab would sample the area and submit it to the lab in the swabbing process. The piece of transparent tape is pressed against the surface and sent to a lab using the tape process.

To perform the mold testing effectively and adequately, you will need excellent and reliable equipment to use. Our mold removal Dayton Ohio team can provide equipment that indeed can address your problems with mold. We ensure the quality of our work to its finest to make sure that our clients won’t be wasting their money.

Do you know that mold exposure can be harmful to your health because it can cause allergies? What are the symptoms you should know?

It is proven that prolonged exposure to mold can cause variants of health issues. Mold can cause severe reactions to people with chronic lung disease. Suppose you were exposed to mold and experiencing symptoms such as headache, dizziness, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes. In that case, you should consider remediation and removing mold in your house or wherever place molds are present.

How to prevent mold growth at your home?

We all know that prevention is better than cure. There are tips that you can do to prevent mold from growing in your home. You can prevent it by keeping the humidity of your home as low as you can. Always make sure that the air in your home flows freely, and last, but not least is repair any cracks in your home’s roof, walls, or pipes to prevent mold from growing. If you can’t do it on your own, you can always seek professionals who can do it for you. Why would you wait to make everything worse if you can eliminate your problems with mold without breaking your banks? We are offering you our services that will suit your budget. We are not here to brag but give solutions to your mold problems. Contact us, and we will provide you with the best offer.

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  1. Mold can cause severe health problems because it releases mycotoxins. It is important to remove the mold from the home for hygiene and health reasons.


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