5 Types of Measuring Cups and Spoons Every Home Cook Needs

5 Types of Measuring Cups and Spoons Every Home Cook Needs - kitchen measuring tools

A measuring cup and spoon set in your kitchen are vital for guaranteeing the correct ingredients in every dish.

A good set of measuring tools will make your cooking more accessible, reduce the risk of forgetting to add or use critical components, and, most importantly, ensure that you get the best results from every batch of baked goods.

Liquid Measuring Cups

Accurate measurements are crucial to baking and cooking success when preparing a cake or mixing soup. That’s why having the right tools for your kitchen is essential.

Liquid measuring cups are used for wet ingredients such as water, oil, vinegar, and juice.

They generally have markings on the side that indicate the exact measurement and usually come with a handle for easy pouring.

Pour slowly into the cup on a level surface to take an accurate measurement. Next, bend down so your eyes are level with the measuring line, and double-check that you have the correct amount of liquid.

Dry Measuring Cups

You want a precise measurement when you measure dry ingredients like flour, oats, or sugar. This means the component must be scooped directly into the cup and leveled off using a flat utensil across the top of the container.

This isn’t possible with a liquid measuring cup because it tends to mound in the center of the cup, making it difficult to take an accurate measure. You can also spill the drink, which doesn’t help the accuracy of your measurements.

For ingredients that won’t level themselves off, such as peanut butter, applesauce, yogurt, or sour cream, it’s easiest to use dry measuring cups and spoons. These sticky ingredients will easily spill out of a dry measuring cup, so it’s best to spray them with non-stick cooking spray before pouring them into the dry measuring cup.

Measuring Scoop

The measuring scoop is a handy tool to have in your kitchen. It is a versatile tool that can be used to measure liquid and dry ingredients.

A measuring scoop is an oval-shaped utensil with a long handle that can be gripped between two fingers. The more extended handle also makes it easier to reach into jars or bags that are too deep for the standard scoop.

The handle of a measuring scoop can be made of plastic or metal, but most are dishwasher-safe. The shape of the handle also matters. Some cooks prefer shorter handles they can grip between two fingers, while others prefer longer handles extending toward their palms.

Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons are essential for cooking and baking, as they help to measure ingredients. They come in various sizes and are used for liquid and dry ingredients.

They are available in different materials and colors. Some are made from dishwasher-safe and durable plastic, while others are wooden.

Some are even engraved with measurements, making them easier to read.
Whether you’re a professional cook or a home baker, having the right tools for your needs is crucial. Measuring spoons are essential to any kitchen and can be a great addition to your collection.

Measuring Cup Sets

In baking, measuring cups are used to establish precise measurements of ingredients. They are essential for any kitchen, as they help the home cook understand how much to use in their recipes.

Measuring cups are typically set with scale markings at varying heights, with the material to be measured being added to the cup until it reaches the desired level. They are usually measured in fluid ounces and pints.

They also feature a measuring spoon on the side of the cup, which is helpful for small amounts or when the recipe calls for both liquid and dry measurements. A separate scoop is handy for larger quantities to measure ingredients more precisely.


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