How Water Damage Affects a Home

Water Damage Home

When we find water as an intruder at our house, it can create many messes over the floor, walls, and other home parts. The resulting water damage is tremendously high for every house owner, where they have to face many issues in the place. Minor wear in the house can affect the basement, roofs, and walls of the house due to water damage.

A messy house with water around it can be very complicated to attend some house parties due to water damage. Do you know what water damage is and how it can create several issues to your home? This article is all about water damage, which you will understand in the further points.

What causes water damage?

A sudden attack of water on the inside part of your house is the primary reason for water damage, which can affect your place in several ways. Imagine entering a home with a flooded basement, mold over the walls, black corners of the house, and rotten walls.

Did it sound pungent? Water damage can make it worse, with all the horrible things at your home. The wooden furniture or floor at your house will start swelling after water damage, which can make your fantasy house into a worse one. The water damage can make a place rotten in several ways, creating substantial damage to the home.

Classification of water damage:

Water damage doesn’t affect the accessories stored in the house, but it can create many complications at the walls and bathroom. You cannot even stand at your own home, making it worse if it starts a pungent smell.

The international standards of water have classified water damage in three categories.

  • Category 1: Clean water intruding from the sanitary sources of your house. This water is coming from the clean source of your home water supply, which any house member does not use.
  • Category 2: The grey water delivery from the outside sources of your house can also cause water damage. The water can seep into the basement of your home and create some effect on your health as well.
  • Category 3: Black water comes from the unsanitary sources of your house, containing some waste products. The water can come from any source like sewage or a nearby river or lake.

Effect of water damage:

1. Tremendous mold growth

It takes 24 hours for mold to take over your house after ceasing water damage. It can create several diseases and can be terrible if the size becomes more.

2. Unwanted disease

Diseases are common after water damage because contaminated water is the house of multiple disease-causing viruses. Black water contamination comes with numerous diseases, giving you skin, stomach, and other health issues.

3. Damaged wirings and appliances

Water damage can create many complications to the appliances you are using at your house. The walls can become a coffin for the members due to severe effects on the home’s wires.

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