10 Tips on How to Take Care of your NEWBORN BABY

Becoming a parent of a NEWBORN BABY is undoubtedly the most natural feeling in the world, but taking care of your child can be the most hectic time for you. So here are few tips on how you can take care of your BABY.

1) Hold your Baby Right

Now if it is your first child then it can be difficult for you to how to hold your child right. Always place a hand underneath your NEWBORN BABY’s neck as they have soft bones.

2) Feeding

Whether you chose Breastfeeding or Bottle-feeding just remember that it will be the best part you will spend with your NEWBORN BABY.

Breastfeeding: Not only breastfeeding prevents your child from diseases but also strengthens you love bond.

Bottlefeeding: It may help your child to spend his time with his dad or grandparents.

3) Help your child to burp

For your NEWBORN BABY to burp, an upright position is most important. Hold your Baby facing towards your chest. Gently tap on his back until you hear a sound of Burp.

4) Diaper Changing

Changing diaper of your NEWBORN BABY again and again cam be a hectic job but in order to prevent your child from infections and rashes one have to become a Diaper-changing expert. Make sure your things are always ready. Change your baby’s diaper more often and after taking the diaper off, clean your baby’s genitals from soft wipes.

5) Sponge-bath your NEWBORN BABY

Always remember to use slightly warm water when bathing your NEWBORN BABY. Sponge your baby softly as the have soft bones.

6) Massaging

For the development and coordination of your baby a massage is utmost important. Moreover interacting/playing with your child will nourish the bond between you and your baby.

7) Vaccination

Medical of your child is also an important thing to take care of. Schedule up your appointments with the doctor for the vaccination of your NEWBORN BABY.

8) Baby Toys

Do not let your baby to play with stiff toys. Surround him with soft toys .

9) Position up your Child for a Healthy Sleep

Your Baby might sleep for about 15 hours a day, so for his healthy sleep make sure he is in right position. Make your baby sleep on his back and make sure his head is not covered while sleeping.

10) Layering up your NEWBORN BABY’S Clothes

NEWBORN BABY’s are quite sensitive to cold, so layer your child with soft clothes to prevent him from sickness.

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