Postpartum Pounds Shedding – Reclaiming your Pre-Pregnancy Body

Symptoms of Pregnancy

Weight loss after delivering your baby takes time, but it’s absolutely possible. All you need to focus on eating healthy diet and include physical activities to your daily routine.

There’s no wonder that you’ll want to put away your maternity clothes and get dressed in your old jeans. Know the smartest ways to trigger weight loss after pregnancy and promote good health throughout.

Concentrate on Eating Habits

During pregnancy, like other would-be moms, you also could have changed your diet and switched to one ensuring better growth and development for your baby. This is still important, especially for the lactating moms. Making nutritious choices promotes healthy postnatal weight loss.

• Take small portions – Eating small portions is directly linked with healthy weight shedding and weight maintenance over time. Never skip meals or limit the amount of vegetables and fruits in your regular diet – or else you’ll miss essential nutrients.

• Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and mono-saturated fats – Foods rich in fiber like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts provide many vital nutrient while help you feel full longer.

• Avoid impulse – Don’t be an impulsive eater. Surround yourself with nutritious foods. If junk or spicy foods pose too much temptation, just keep them out of the home.

• Avoid quick fixes – There’s no magic pill for losing weight.

Include Moderate Physical Activities to your Regular Routine

Formerly, new moms were usually told to wait at least for six to eight weeks after delivery to start exercising. But the waiting game is over. If you exercised during your pregnancy and had a normal, uncomplicated vaginal delivery, it’s safe to resume your exercise schedule with some light exercises within a few days of delivery or when you feel ready.

But if you underwent a C-section or a complicated delivery, talk to the physician before you start your exercise routine. Normally, new moms can start light physical activities within 4 to 6 weeks of delivery if their healthcare providers recommend.

• Feel comfortable – If you’re lactating, feed your baby before you exercise to avoid the uneasiness of engorged breasts. Wear comfortable clothing and a supportive bra while exercising. Start with light exercises that help strengthening major muscle groups like back and core muscles. Brisk walking can also be taken into consideration.

• Include your little one – If you find it difficult to manage time for exercise, include your baby to your routine. Take her for a walk in a baby carrier. You can also include her in your strength training workouts – like lift her above you while lying on the back.

• Don’t go alone – If you’re for a daily walk and planning to join a postpartum yoga class, invite other moms to join. This is really motivating.

Don’t skip to drink plenty of water before, during and after each workout session. Stop exercising if it pains; this may be the sign that you’re over-exercising. Check here for more info.

Breastfeeding is a Windfall

Breastfeeding helps you lose the extra pounds you gained during pregnancy. When breastfeeding your baby, you’re actually using the fat cells stored during pregnancy. Calories from your daily diet also get burnt to fuel the milk production.

Being promoted to motherhood is a blessing; cherish this special phase of womanhood. Be gentle with your body and yourself, and accept the changes in body. Give some time and follow proper regimen – you’ll surely get back to your old body in due course.

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