Global warming and greenhouse effect has been the major issues seen which have not only affected the Earth’s ecosystem but also leaving its mark on the people’s lives in the form of epidermis diseases and aggression due to increased heat. Thus it is one’s responsibility to make effort from his side to protect the environment and help improve it. It is a comforting fact that people are becoming more environmentally aware but a lot still need to be done. So in order to make your home more ECO FRIENDLY, here are some of the clever ideas:

8 Easy Hacks to Make your ECO FRIENDLY Home

Recycled Items

Not only you can buy recycle items like paper towels, floor tiles, kitchen roll etc. but you can also recycle items in your home like plastic, ink cartage’s, batteries, cardboard. Recycling is not only environment friendly but also prevents pollution and consumption of fresh raw materials.

Light Consumption And Energy Saving

Saving electricity and light as much as possible is surely an intelligent way to be more eco-friendly. Use LED lights and energy savers in place of old fashioned bulbs and tube lights. Open your house curtains and shutters to let natural sunshine illuminate your house. There are even motorized blinds on the market now that can be controlled by a remote, or even through your phone or a tablet making the light even easier to access.

Refresh Your Air

Cleaning your surrounding air is necessary for a healthy environment. Use good air purifier as they are efficient in removing contaminants from the air like cigarette smoke and CO2. Clean air is a wholesome thing to for your mind and body to flourish.

Prohibit Smoking

Prevent yourself and others from smoking as much as you can, especially forbade anyone from smoking indoors as experts quote: “It’s like bringing a bus inside your room”. Cigarettes are rich with toxic chemicals and passive smoking can cause cancer.

Smart Use of Water

In order to make your property more eco-friendly and conserve your earth ecosystem, you need to ponder gravely about saving water. Prevent leakage of water from your pipes or taps from ruining your home by installing a water flow measurement device from to help detect leaks as early as possible.. Use water in the bucket for taking a bath or washing your vehicle instead of wasting water from a shower or hosepipe. Collect rainwater in order to sprinkle it on your plants.

Good Quality Paints

More often wall paints carry Volatile Organic Compounds which are dangerous for the health as they incorporate with air molecules to create toxic compounds. Use water based paints having natural pigments as they are more energy efficient than oil paints and more exquisitely captivating.

Solar Panels

A very advance and intelligent way of generating clean and convivial to environment technique is to install solar panels. Although it will cost a little in the installation process but once you get it you’ll have economical electricity for the rest of your life.

Grow Plants

Plants are the friendliest creatures to the environment. Trees and plants are the things that are keeping the gaseous balance in the eco system. Grow as many indoor and houseplants as you can. Grow bamboo in your garden as it is the fastest growing plant on earth.
This Earth is our home. So we need to take our part to ameliorate it and make it a better place to live in. Every single person can make a difference and make these small practices to help the cause.

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